Independent outlook /// We Are Lost Boys ‘Life’ [EP] 2012

Life is full of adversity and social concerns. However, there are at least two ways of looking at them: the first one is to be totally miserable and whine about how bad life is. But the other way is to keep one’s chin up and destroy all the negativity with music. Reading quartet We Are Lost Boys have chosen path # 2 for themselves. Their explosive version of rock is the right way to sing away all the bad.

We Are Lost Boys’ newest EP ‘Life’, is a follow-up to the debut ‘Making Memories’ released in 2011, a year after the band’s introduction to wider audiences in the UK. The debut propelled young rockers to a good place to be in contemporary rock music: they got media coverage from the likes of Kerrang! and toured with Lower Than Atlantis, Exit Ten, Deaf Havana and We Are The Ocean. ‘Life’, however, aims even higher and further and has all the potential to land there.

‘Life’ is a six-track offering in the best traditions of alternative rock. All the songs are laden with delicious hooks, big riffs, monstrous rhythm section which all together form explosive rock fireworks. This explosion possesses a melodious and smooth edge that does shine brightly indeed. The whole EP keeps up the tempo of  energetic heaviness and weighty melody, which slow down only once for the mellow and stripped back ballad ‘What Now?’, which, however, doesn’t lack intensity. Intricate and well-crafted bridges spice up all the songs with total belters of instrumental technical skill. Singer Danny Wright performs the vocals pleasantly diverse that work differently throughout the record. Lyrics, full of social concern about the world which is far from being ideal, form a picture of modern society, but in the interpretation of We Are Lost Boys these things don’t sound oppressive. Their music doesn’t get one further in distress because of our world’s imperfection, but rather on the contrary: with their energetic and daringly challenging character We Are Lost Boys give an ultimate weapon and a helping hand to destroy all the adversity with the powers of music.

We Are Lost Boys know the winning formula of big hooks, but they also do know how to add a twist of individuality to it, not to sound just like everyone else. ‘Life’ shows their perception of music, life  and, what’s more, presents a real treat for music lovers.

‘Life’ is released on 12th November

Watch the video for ‘T.W.O.T.W (The Way Of The World)’

We Are Lost Boys Facebook

4 Responses to “Independent outlook /// We Are Lost Boys ‘Life’ [EP] 2012”
  1. eva6kora says:

    This is amazing. Lately I listen to a lot of this kind of music! It just makes me feel more alive I guess. Thanks for sharing such cool bands 🙂 X

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