Featured song /// City Reign ‘Ahead Of Ideas’

City Reign are preparing for big times in their career – the release of a debut full length album! ‘Another Step’ is a result of hard work and the band’s teaming up with Manchester-based producer Sam Jones who created a  very unusual and special environment for recordings:  Sacred Trinity Church in Salford. The place helped to transfer the atmospheric air to the record and brought depth to the band’s sound based on guitars. City Reign’s vocalist and guitarist, Chris Bull, says: “The church was a great venue to record in and we have Sam to thank for that. We’re really happy with the rich and atmospheric sound we achieved on the album.”

‘Another Step’ is due to be released in early 2013, but already now listeners can get a taste of things to come by listening to the first single off the record ‘Ahead Of Ideas’. Chris reveals: “I think we’re taking a risk with this single, it’s one of the most ambitious tracks we’ve recorded”. ‘Another Step’ is an intense song that builds around rich guitars and explodes in chorus both vocally and musically. It captivates with its character and stays with listeners circulating in their veins. To put it simply, the track is terrific. Being a new direction for City Reign, a risk, as Chris puts it, this daring move is fully justified as the track shows City Reign as a band with great potential and talent. Prepare for City Reign, they’re coming!

Watch the video for ‘Ahead Of Ideas’

City Reign Facebook

‘Ahead Of Ideas’ is out on 5th November.

City Reign are song-writing pair Chris Bull and Mike Grice with Duncan Bolton on drums.

Catch City Reign live:

November 2nd – Belushi’s – Edinburgh

November 3rd – Audio – Glasgow

November 7th – Viper Rooms – Sheffield

November 8th – Lomax – Liverpool

November 9th – Escobar – Leeds

November 20th – Pop In – Paris

November 22nd – Winstons – Amsterdam

November 24th – The Castle – Manchester

2 Responses to “Featured song /// City Reign ‘Ahead Of Ideas’”
  1. eva6kora says:

    Love the sound of these guys!!

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