Featured song /// I’ll Stay In Memphis ‘Collide. Divide.’

Manchester melodic post-hardcore outfit I’ll Stay In Memphis have begun a new path in their careers. Not only have the band recruited a new vocalist Tom Burns, but have also recorded a brand-new song ‘Collide. Divide.’ with him and shot a video for the single.

‘Collide. Divide.’ starts its assault from the distance moving fast and furious as a raging ocean that crashes its full force upon arrival on the coast. From that point the track moves at neckbreaking speed created by constant furious duo of guitars, raging bass and drums shooting sharp arrows non-stop. Pointwise ‘Collide. Divide.’ takes time to tone down and shows the band’s melodic side flowing in the ambient channel, but after the calm there comes a real storm when all the batteries have been recharged and hit with triple force. The effect is doubled by the duel of clean and screaming vocals that create a powerful dialogue of two polars.

Passion piercing the track and tightly-knit sound betray I’ll Stay In Memphis’s approach to making music when they take a lot of care with every detail and make every small bit count. With the attitude scrupulous as well as independent, I’ll Stay In Memphis are destined to make really good, outstanding music within a well-trodden genre.

Watch the video for ‘Collide. Divide.’ here.

I’ll Stay In Memphis Facebook

Catch the band on tour in November/December

07/11 – The Westcoast Bar, Margate w/ Broadway
08/11 – Moho Live, Manchester w/ A Skylit Drive & Heart In Hand
09/11 – Real Time, Chesterfield
10/11 – TBC
11/11 – Lock 42, Leicester w/ Broadway
12/11 – Hairy Dog, Derby
13/11 – White Rabbit, Plymouth
29/11 – Fat Lils, Witney
30/11 – Frog & Nightgown, Worksop
02/12 – Scorpios Bar, High Wycombe
12/12 – Lock 42, Leicester w/ Acoda
15/12 – Scream Lounge, Croydon
16/12 – Club Academy, Manchester w/ Martyr Defiled & Silent Screams


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