Independent outlook /// Hildamay ‘Miles Away’ [Album] 2012

Kent-based outfit Hildamay have firsthand knowledge that when one starts a career in music, highs come together with lows. However, they accept it and, what’s more, get inspired by life on the road and write music which reflects all their feelings. Since their formation Hildamay have been taking really confident steps on their music path and the first important milestone for them is the debut offering ‘Miles Away’. Now, the debut can’t be more confident that that.

Be prepared to take a few listen to get into ‘Miles Away’: this album belongs to the lot of records that take time to grow on their listeners, but once you catch the vibe of this music, it’ll become inseparable from your ears. ‘Miles Away’ combines fervour, stormy energy and aggression of post-hardcore with nostalgic, melancholic moods of grunge in a music pot of roughness, anthemic motives and melody. And above all these, there reigns an ultimate raw spirit that defines the character of ‘Miles Away’. Skillful guitar riffs are melancholic or furious, delicate or powerful; bass lines are prominent and taking the lead in some songs to the extent that they totally fill the air with their droning buzz; drum work is stable, reliable and keyboards put dramatic or lyrical specks just right in the necessary places.

Hildamay keep it varied with speedy, huge anthems ‘Changing The Key’, ‘Wild Fervour’, ‘Avenues’, add rawness with ‘The Dark’, ‘Sons Of The Brave’, sway in the lyrical directions with full of drama and intensity ‘Letters Like Bullets’, ‘Consequence’ and the absolute epic ‘Because I Cannot Sleep, I Make Music At Night’ which closes the album down in a massive piano outro. Melodies keenly follow all the turns in the moods of the tracks and there is sadness ringing between the chords of ‘Miles Away’, assertiveness that adorns the riffage of ‘Broken Records’ and ‘The Light’ and a bit of recklessness in the combination of fury and ambience of ‘Diminuendo’. Each track is a story of its own, each one has something that makes it prominent and memorable, be it an interesting riff, an impressive introduction or a fabulous instrumental passage.

The vocals of Tim Lawrence are rough, unpolished, but this is a special trait of the record that makes it special, adds up to its character. The lyrics on ‘Miles Away’ deal with all the difficulties of being far away from home and the loved ones. Soaring passion tears up each song from the inside with the emotions and honesty that Hildamay put into each track. The musicians live through each piece of music and give everyone a chance to feel together with them, to sense their homesickness, the adventures of the road and the wild wind of freedom. Being an up-and-coming band can be difficult in many aspects, but, as Tim puts it: “When handed an opportunity to do something you love doing, you have to take it.” Hildamay got this opportunity and they’re doing everything to live the life of their dreams. With the debut as good as ‘Miles Away’, Hildamay are on the right path.

‘Miles Away’ is out on 5th November via A Wolf At Your Door Records

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