Independent outlook /// Brutality Will Prevail ‘Scatter The Ashes’ [Album] 2012

The correctly applied DIY approach can work perfectly well and bring bands to considerable heights in their careers, just like in case of Brutality Will Prevail. Welsh hardcore virtuosos have been successfully doing it themselves since 2006, which has resulted in playing at festivals all over the UK; the release of two full-lengths and the EP; dedicated fan base in the UK and Europe and a socking great ascend to the tops of underground hardcore scene. Now there comes the highest peak of BWP’s career to-date, destined to catapult them even further: the third album ‘Scatter The Ashes’.

‘Scatter The Ashes’ shows to the full how dangerously powerful Brutality Will Prevail’s music is. Focused, solid and very convincing, ‘Scatter The Ashes’ collects all the experience and skills the band have gained for 6 years and marks their absolutely best work of hardcore to-date. ‘Scatter The Ashes’ is a hammering assault, a wall of massive sound moving towards unsuspecting listeners with great might. Starting rather peacefully with instrumental ‘Life Lines’, lead by acoustic guitars, the sadness of the track soon becomes darker and heavier with raging coming from the distance in a threatening fashion. The fast and furious ‘Sins Of Commitment’ roots right from the end of the intro and follows the path of crushing riffs, destroying rhythm section and full-force vocal performance from Ajay Jones, but soon this onslaught sticks in Brutality Will Prevail’s signature viscosity and comes to an abrupt end. ‘Casket’ and ‘Second Sight’ continue the tornado of ambient tones cut by extra edgy chords until an instrument-driven part happens. The vocal performance slides to the background and becomes rather minimalistic in the sketchy ‘1348’, ‘The Path’ graced by a long introductory part, and fully instrumental, slow-burning ‘Hallucination’. The  heavyweight tempo and vocal lead are restored with ‘Fallen Apart’ and ‘Twisting Tongues’, which unload one final cannon of brutality and the title track ‘Scatter The Ashes’ closes the record in a dramatic, spectacular manner of a ballad performed to kill.

Brutality Will Prevail make demonically edgy riff cuts in the viscous sound – the effect that reminds of a sharp razor blade going through thickness with effort, but reaching final destination in the end. Listen carefully and you’ll hear the sounds of a well-coordinated, measured steps of a victorious hardcore march moving your way. Think you can avoid it? Think twice then. ‘Scatter The Ashes’ is a tangle of roaring rage, thunder with occasional calms among the storm. Skillfully juggling with either vocal, or instrumental performance at the forefront of their songs, Brutality Will Prevail direct the musical flow where they need and never fail to impress during the course of the record.

‘Scatter The Ashes’ is an important milestone for Brutality Will Prevail and it’s certain enough, that soon you’ll hear of them, if you haven’t yet.

‘Scatter The Ashes’ is released on 12th November via Purgatory Records.

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