Featured song /// Stereophonics ‘In A Moment’

Recently Stereophonics have been busy working at their newest record ‘Graffiti On The Train’, which is due to be released in March 2013. After keeping their listeners in animated anticipation, Stereophonics started unveiling new material from the upcoming record: the first song released was ‘Violins And Tambourines’ with the accompanying video directed by Kelly Jones. Here comes another track and yet another video work courtesy of Jones – the single ‘In A Moment’.

‘In A Moment’ captivates from the very first seconds with its magnetic gloom, darkness that sets reflecting tones and thoughtful moods. The sound is saturated with atmospheric chord progressions, reverberating undertones, versatile electronics and has the edge which is new to Stereophonics: it’s a turn that takes the band on a more moody note in comparison to their previous works. ‘In A Moment’ runs smoothly and slowly with several abrupt twists here and there, which make the song sound sharp and very assured. A totally majestic contrast lays between laid-back atmosphere of the choruses and intense, strained strings of verses – the polar which shades in the contemplative, intelligent lyrics, while toned down, layered melody with similarly dimmed vocals from Kelly Jones over it add up to the addictive magnetism of ‘In A Moment’.

‘In A Moment’ is a gripping track with striking character and this delicious taste of things to come from Stereophonics makes ‘Graffiti on The Train’ one of the most anticipated records of the year 2013.

Watch the video for ‘In A Moment’ (directed by Kelly Jones)

Download the track for free here

Catch Stereophonics live in December

15th NEWPORT, Centre
16th MANCHESTER, Academy
17th GLASGOW, O2 Academy
19th BIRMINGHAM, O2 Academy
20th LONDON, Troxy

2 Responses to “Featured song /// Stereophonics ‘In A Moment’”
  1. iamkaja says:

    Heard it on the radio today, though without realising this was Stereophonics, it sounds different! Seems a little gloomy, almost uninspired. But perhaps I was concentrating too much on driving to pay attention to lyrics – hopefully it’s a grower! (:

    • Olga says:

      Yeah, so different! I enjoyed its gloom a lot to be honest, gonna love this new direction they seem to be taking. It didn’t take much time to grow on me, had it on repeat for, like, an hour 😀

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