In collaboration /// fiN, Autumn Ruin, The Lost Souls Club, Lewis Mckale /// Part 1

This is something new. Rock Britain presents a brand-new feature where musicians answer four identical questions and every week we publish four different answers to one question. Today is the premiere of the feature which will be with you for the next four weeks and we’re discussing music influences. Tune in next Friday for more. 

 What musicians inspire you and what’s their main influence on you? 

Kerry Lambert (fiN): We’re all influenced by a lot of different bands.  dEUS, Radiohead, Smashing Pumpkins, fugazi etc.. A lot of 90’s music basically but we love all the obvious classics like Queen, The Beatles, Led Zep..



Jon Tufnell (The Lost Souls Club): Any musicians who make music that is in some way raw or intense tends to inspire me. I’m usually more into songwriters or bands rather an any individual musicians too. There are some who have been long term inspirations such as Jack White (especially The White Stripes), Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, Led Zeppelin, Rob Dougan, Black Sabbath, Trent Reznor and then there are people who I like, but who seem to become more important to me for a while and inspire a new direction in what I do. Recently that band has been The Who. I have always liked them, but have recently grown to love them, especially the energy and the live-ness of their recordings. Just so exciting to listen to and I can’t get through one album without wanting to pick up a guitar and start writing.

Rob Galley (Autumn Ruin): I couldn’t pick any in particular – but it’s the the ones who write lyrics that you can tell by just listening to the song that it is from the heart, and most likely based upon something that the writer went through in their own life. A lot of the time it’s those songs that stand out far above the ones just written for commercial use, and people can really relate to every word. That’s what I try to do with my lyric writing.

Lewis McKale: I would consider Simon Neil from Biffy Clyro to be a big influence, I love his music and lyrics but I mostly consider him as a massive influence in the way that he is such a good person (as are the rest of the band), the fact that he can write beautiful songs and still be so down to earth goes a long way for me. I can honestly say the exact same thing for Frank Turner too, great songwriter and great guy! My heroes!


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