Independent outlook /// fiN ‘Life Is Wasted On The Living/Lucky You’ [Single] 2012

fiNFiN have been true to their DIY approach for several years already and apparently it hasn’t failed them once. At the end of 2012 the outfit, who have recently supported Muse at O2, are releasing their new single ‘Life Is Wasted On The Living/Lucky You’ on 7″ vinyl.

‘Life Is Wasted On The Living’ is anthemic and, though it’s running at quite a mid-tempo without unnecessary rush, the track sounds powerful and gripping. There’s intensity growing over the course of it, which is marked by several melodic explosions of choruses and the refrain which is lead by truly victorious drumming. Cautious steps of deep bass and ringing clear guitars adorn stripped back melodies like prominent signatures. ‘LIWOTL’ reminds of bright fireworks, blazing in the night sky – that’s also the way listeners are likely to feel after hearing the track: uplifted and jubilant. The lyrics concentrated on people’s obsession with material things, which sometimes become more important than spirituality and real happiness, are just fiN’s usual cleverness and wit courtesy of Luke Joyce. The second track ‘Lucky You’ touches upon slightly darker moods than its predecessor. Keeping up with that unhurried tempo, ‘Lucky You’ has a much more crepuscular air with brooding, contemplating melody. However, it matches ‘LIWOTL’ in levels of uplifting intensity and soaring passion that pierce both of the tracks equally. And then there are the lyrics of course – dark and introverted. ‘You don’t know yourself – lucky you’…  Not knowing yourself properly can be a bliss indeed, but is it what you really need?

It’s not by accident that ‘Life Is Wasted On The Living’ and ‘Lucky You’ have made it onto one single. Both these tracks complement each other in a way that brings out the best in each of the songs. The way instruments blend on both of these stories attributes to a very smooth, delicate, natural flow of music that sounds very harmonious, and yet powerful and gripping. The feelings of liveliness and celebration are central to this single and on hitting your ears, these feelings can’t fail to get into your veins and infect you with the same elevation and jubilance. FiN stated that they wish to bring a sense of celebration into their music and that’s exactly what they did easily and assertively with ‘Life Is Wasted On The Living/Lucky You’.

Order your copy of the single here

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