In collaboration /// fiN, Autumn Ruin, The Lost Souls Club, Lewis Mckale /// Part 2

Here comes a second week of Rock Britain’s special feature. Four musicians, four talented people and four different opinions. Read on to learn about their favourite albums.

What album is your all-time favourite – the record you never grow tired of, the one that never leaves your iPod?

 Jon Tufnell (The Lost Souls Club): I think the first Black Rebel Motorcycle Club album is close to that, but the one that just squeezes it out of top spot is The Downward Spiral by Nine Inch Nails. I love chaotic music and I love things that are bleak, sad and emotionally naked. Topped off by the fact it just sounds so abrasive with not one though given to radio appeal and I can’t see me ever getting enough of it.

Rob Galley (Autumn Ruin): Many many favourites, Linkin Park’s Hybrid Theory will always remain well up there in my list. It’s one of the few albums I can sit and listen to all the way through without getting a bit bored. If it wasn’t for that album I probably would be into the music I listen to and write today.. I was into rap and chart music then heard ‘Crawling’ and that was it!

Lewis McKale: Ohh I could go on forever. But I guess in terms of trully brilliant albums that I never get tired of…Grace by Jeff Buckley. It is perfect in every way, no filler, every track is beautiful and in a strange way it never makes me wish that Jeff could’ve made more albums. Grace for me is so perfect and timeless that it can be listened to over and over and still sound as great as the first time I ever heard it.

Kerry Lambert (fiN): Without a doubt it’s OK Computer by Radiohead. In my eyes that album is as close to musical perfection as you can get. The creativity and musicianship are so damn inspiring. And it’s got the perfect balance between their commercial and experimental side which they haven’t really managed on mor recent albums.

2 Responses to “In collaboration /// fiN, Autumn Ruin, The Lost Souls Club, Lewis Mckale /// Part 2”
  1. eva6kora says:

    Love this! Love the collaboration features 🙂

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