Concert stories /// Blood Red Shoes @ Milk, Moscow, 08/12/2012

blood-red-shoes-2012-promo-re-scaleThere are a lot of things that happen for the first time and, of course, these events are always remembered very well. But what makes them so memorable? Probably, the air of novelty and adrenaline surrounding absolutely everything you experience for the first time. The same is also true about music and bands you see live. At the very beginning of December Russia had a chance to witness live performances of UK duo Blood Red Shoes for the first time and believe it or not, this event was special. Moscow received Brighton band with snowy and cold wintery weather, but Laura-Mary Carter and Steven Ansell managed to defrost everything with their performance on 8th December at Milk.

Russian indie-rock outfit Biting Elbows seem to have become a regular opening act for a considerable amount of bands playing in Moscow. Their set was good, rather decent and did manage to warm up the crowd, who were happy to dance along after freezing outside for quite a time. Biting Elbows treated everyone to a confident performance just of the right volume, levels of energy and length and received a deserved warm welcome from the Moscow audience.

event-image-poster.eb7f0d99-e2fe-41e6-b784-03814cea5dee Blood Red Shoes hit the stage half an hour later to frenzied excitement from the anticipation that had been accumulating for quite a long time. ‘It’s Getting Boring By The Sea’ shook the venue and off it went! The bar of intensity was set very high from the first chords & drumbeats and was kept by ‘Heartsink’, ‘Lost Kids’, ‘Cold’, ‘Light It Up’, ‘You Bring Me Down’ just to name the few. The band electrified, heated the atmosphere to the most intense levels, eliciting the absolute stormy maximum just from the guitar and the drums. And these two complemented each other perfectly: reserved, mysterious Laura-Mary and charming, talkative Steven. But that’s their way and such a contrast made the duo look more striking on the stage. The amounts of energy put in every song were going off-scale regularly, so there was no chance of catching one’s breath and it looked like no one needed it anyway. In this fashion the end came too briskly with ‘Colours Fade’, but that was not the full stop. Encore kicked off with ‘Surf Song’ featuring an instrument switch between Laura-Mary and Steven, stormed into ‘I Wish I Was Someone Better’ and the finale stroke came with ‘Je Me Perds’. What a night!

The spirit of garage rock with a touch of swinging, atmospheric underground and old school rock was dangerously heated and became almost boiling by the end of the show: Blood Red Shoes’ dark, sleek rock ‘n’ roll sounded terrifically expressive and impressive live. And the tireless fervour and drive with intensity of unbelievable voltage were just enough for a ciuple of crowd surfs, frenzied dancing at the back of the venue and a very distinct imprint in everyone’s souls. Blood Red Shoes debut in Moscow worked extremely well indeed.

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