Featured song /// Hurts ‘The Road’

HURTS 2Got used to romantically sad images of gentlemen Hurts? You’d better be as open-minded as possible and prepare to see the band in their very dark and edgy selves.

‘The Road’ is the first track off the upcoming release ‘Exile’ due to hit the stores in March 2013. This track is a u-turn from the Hurts’ sound everyone is accustomed to: slow-motion, sinister and very dark, ‘The Road’ leads to the new version of Hurts who have grown two years older since the release of ‘Happiness’. It begins peacefully, calmly, but there’s something mysterious in the air and soon this sense explodes in edgy, loud chorus full of drama. After this storm there comes the calm again and metallic, electric glows in the background are like lightnings that slowly lead to yet another storm. The finale is epic in industrially metallic screeches, which are probably the last thing you expected after a very tender and quiet beginning of ‘The Road’ somewhat four and a bit minutes ago.

Very crepuscular, haunting, dangerously electrified atmosphere of ‘The Road’ is a strong magnet of the track which together with the blend of tenderness, lyricism and sadness with sharpness, sinisterness and darkness form a clash of contrasts striking and utterly fantastic. ‘Exile’ indeed earns a spot in the list of the most anticipated records of 2013.

Watch the video for ‘The Road’


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