In collaboration /// fiN, Autumn Ruin, The Lost Souls Club, Lewis Mckale /// Part 3

Today Rock Britain goes thoughtful and suggestive with our ‘In Collaboration’ question for fiN, The Lost Souls Club, Lewis McKale and Autumn Ruin and asks the musicians to imagine…

 If you could be a musician in any epoch, what time would you choose and why?

Autumn RuinRob Galley (Autumn Ruin): In terms of being a musician, I’d still pick today.. I don’t get the fuss with 80s music, I lived through 90s music and hated it. So I’m really glad that I’m making music being inspired by some of the awesome new bands of today.



Lewis McKaleLewis McKale: Great question, I would have to definitely go with the 60’s! A lot of my favourite bands are from this very era and it was a great time for music, a very experimental era where everything was new and future musicians for many generations! I particularly am influenced by a lot of 60’s artists such as The Beatles, The Who, Bob Dylan and The Beach Boys. I think if I could go back in time, I would love to perform at Isle of Wight festival or even Woodstock! the 60’s was definitely a good time for music festivals also!



Kerry Lambert (fiN): I’d love to have been around in the late 70’s / Early 80’s and witnessed some of the roots punk rock shows in dirty little clubs in London and New York. The footage always makes them look so intense, raw and atmospheric and that’s what we strive to recreate with our live shows.



The Lost Souls ClubJon Tufnell (The Lost Souls Club): Its a cliche but the 60’s would have been the most exciting. The newness of this incredible, energised music being played for the first time. Rock n’ roll, blues and pop getting fused together and getting to be raucous and unpolished. It must have been the most exciting time to be a rock musician and I think nearly every band out there now realises everything they do is basically just a throwback to those glory days.


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