In collaboration /// fiN, Autumn Ruin, The Lost Souls Club, Lewis Mckale /// Part 4

Wow, is it the end of December yet? Time is ripe to hear about musicians’ favourite records of 2012 and treat you to the final fourth part of In Collaboration starring fiN, The Lost Souls Club, Autumn Ruin and Lewis McKale. We thank all the musicians for taking time to answer our questions! 

 What are your top albums of 2012?

Lewis McKaleLewis McKale: Sucioperro – ‘Fused’. I have followed this band for many years and this is so different, very raw and abrasive! Such an underrated band that truly deserve more credit for what they do, this album proves just that.

Mumford And Sons – ‘Babel’. I find it rare to find a band that can top their debut. A second album in never easy for any band especially when their debut was that good. Their debut, Sigh No More, is one of the greatest debut albums I have heard in years and this is such a worthy follow up!

Jim Lockey And The Solemn Sun – ‘Death’. Another underrated artist, only discovered them not so long ago and have been hooked on this album ever since!

Frightened Rabbit EP. I saw these guys supporting Biffy Clyro earlier this year, they are a fantastic band!

Verses – ‘Come to life’. Another EP, but I grew up with these guys in Shoreham by sea and when I first met them, they were united together being passionate about the music they made back then…they are still doing that now and it fantastic they are still doing that only much stronger than ever!

Muse – ‘The 2nd Law’. I’m not going to lie…but this took me a few listens to get into…but now I do love it.


fiNKerry Lambert (fiN): ‘Making Mirrors’ by Gotye and Noel Gallagher’s High Flying Birds. Both albums we’ve listened to the living shit out of on tour in our van.





The Lost Souls ClubJon Tufnell (The Lost Souls Club): I really haven’t paid much attention to new music as I have been enjoying going through older band’s back catalogues. That being said Jamie N. Commons is a guy who I heard for the first time this year and really like, as well as The Underground Youth that our bassist James introduced me to.



Autumn RuinRob Galley (Autumn Ruin): I haven’t heard it yet and I’m not sure if/when it’s out but I’m definitely looking forward to the new Parkway Drive album ‘Atlas’. They’re a favourite band of mine, all their old stuff is amazing and I can’t wait to hear their new stuff!


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