Independent outlook /// Hang The Bastard ‘2009-2012’

Hang The Bastard 2009-2012 Cover artOver the course of their five-year history Hang The Bastard have been developing and evolving like any band do. By taking the rough with the smooth, slowly but confidently they’ve been shaping and polishing their own signature sound. Now after five years of being alive, Hang The Bastard are facing line-up changes and are standing on the edge of a new, exciting period in their career. This important achievement is marked by the release of all the band’s back catalogue in the form of 30-track compilation ‘2009-2012’.

So, what exactly is ‘2009-2012’? It’s the compilation that features all the songs from the EPs ‘Raw Sorcery’ (2009) and ‘Hang The Bastard’ (2012) and the full-length ‘Hellfire Reign’ (2010), including rare demos from 2008 and extremely hard to come by tracks from the splits with Brotherhood Of The Lake (2011), Abolition and Brutality Will Prevail (both – 2009). Not only does this album draw a line under the five years behind the band’s back, but also gives listeners a full picture of their entire catalogue. It also puts all the tracks recorded with their now former vocalist Chris Barling in one place: beginning with the next album vocal duties will be taken by Mike Carver.

For any fan of Hang The Bastard ‘2009-2012’ is a paradise of a record. Be it a new, or an old-school devotee, each of them will find a lot of metal delicacies in this compilation. For everyone unfamiliar with the band ‘2009-2012’ is a great opportunity to get to know their works really close. Raw demo tracks and songs from the splits make a very spicy listen to anyone, as rarities are always a special treat for any music fan. Above all, this journey through years and stages starting with early, raw demos of ‘Doomed Fucking Doomed’ and ‘Awaken Ye Heathens’ to the polished and finely-crafted tracks of today like ‘Interplanetary Portals’ or ‘Earthmover’ is a great showcase of the band’s evolution and an opportunity to climb the ladder of ascendancy Hang The Bastard had gone up.

As a collective, Hang The Bastard are a very tight and musically technical unit. However, calling these guys simply technical and skillful will not do justice to their furious, stormy mind-blowing sound. Metal and a touch of hardcore blend in in their works perfectly, putting Hang The Bastard a bit aside from tried-and-tested patterns, structures and out of the box with genre stereotypes. Gunshot drumwork with deep bass form the rhythm section loud and prominent enough to be heard and leave a distinct mark on the overall sound. Fast-paced, raging guitars are a punch in your face and beware when these beasts break free from their leashes and hit the foreground of the music canvas created by Hang The Bastard: they become simply unrestrained and unstoppable.

Hang The Bastard are closing down one chapter of their career in a clever and unusual manner: by giving everyone a chance to revisit their back catalogue and catch up with all the songs before treating their fans to something totally new and opening a new important chapter in their career.

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