Ultimate Playlist /// 12 Songs Of 2012.


At the end of 2012 I’m sharing my ultimate list of 12 songs that’s rocked my world during the year.

12. Blood Red Shoes – ‘Lost Kids’

Garage rock virtuosos Blood Red Shoes have marked 2012 with a stunning release ‘In Time To Voices’ – the record full of creativity, various moods and brilliant vocal, as well as musical performance from the Brighton-based duo, who together produce such a hip musical noise some bands with more members can’t even dream of.

11. Muse – ‘Madness’

When ‘Madness’ came out, it was a surprise. But Muse have never been the ones to stick to rules, cliches and tried patterns. This year they’ve once again proved their flexibility and creativity as a music unit by releasing ‘The 2nd Law’ – the record not only diverse and newly-sounding, but also charismatic and aiming at a new Muse direction.

10. Don Broco – ‘Priorities’

Don Broco have had a tremendous year which resulted in their releasing a highly successful debut album ‘Priorities’ occupying very decent positions in charts. Tracks, soaring with great passion sound massively uplifting and energizing and the guys’ ability to make some really good music is not the one to be doubted.

9. Placebo – ‘B3’

Placebo know how to return with a boom, crash and bang after a certain break. That’s what they did in 2012 with the new ‘B3EP’ which hints at what we can expect from the band’s forthcoming full-length, as well as keeps us busy with some awfully good music.

8. Rise To Remain – ‘Talking In Whispers’

Rise To Remain have found the right balance between melody and brutality and, together with motivating message, they’re delivering a heart-felt tune ‘Talking In Whispers’. The band have been touring a lot this year, but with the hints about new material being worked at, there’s a lot to anticipate from the crew soon.

7. While She Sleeps – ‘Dead Behind The Eyes’

While She Sleeps have delivered a yet another big debut album, which has made it to charts. And, mind you, it’s a metal album. Fair to say, that While She Sleeps might be making some history here.

6. fiN. – ‘Lucky You’

fiN. have become one of the main and most exciting discoveries of 2012 for me. Out-of-the-box attitude reflected in a set of heavy indie songs with fantastic instrumentation and lurring vocals is just right to attribute to a quality listen, which is a rarity among up-and-coming bands nowadays.

5. Mallory Knox – ‘Wake Up’

Mallory Knox have earned the title for the best and most talented newcomer of the year. Highly passionate and ultimately talented, the band have made a great impact on the UK scene and with the release of their debut record ‘Signals’ in January 2013, Mallory Knox are more than ready to raise the stakes in their game.

4. The Lost Souls Club – ‘Romeo’

The Lost Souls Club are another gem-discovery of 2012 for me. With their dark, sexy version of rock ‘n’ roll and witty lyrics the band definitely stand out on the underground scene and should be heard/seen live to be believed.

3. Enter Shikari – ‘Sssnakepit’

Having spent a lot of time on the road in 2012, Enter Shikari have undoubtedly brought tons of fun wherever they went to. The unbeatable energy and live fervour of this band are simply unrivalled, so there can be no questions about how good their shows are. Have fun, while you still can.

2. Young Guns – ‘Bones’

Young Guns have said their word with the sophomore record ‘Bones’ and this reminds more of a statement of intent: to conquer you all with their music, which with the sound as well-crafted as that seems an easy task to fulfill. Feel them in your bones.

1. Lostprophets – ‘Better Off Dead’

Loud, bold, daring, a-punch-in-your-face, challenging, ‘Better Off Dead’ became the first song presented to audiences from Lostprophets’ fifth album ‘Weapons’. It has character, style and firm pivot, just like the band performing it do. Enough said.

4 Responses to “Ultimate Playlist /// 12 Songs Of 2012.”
  1. Xandi says:

    Great playlist, like the songs!
    Are you interested in writing for our world music blog too?


  2. iamkaja says:

    That Placebo track is class, I’m so glad they’re back and that they’ve once again resparked my former love for them!
    This is a great selection too. I’ve often thought of what my “Top Tracks” list would be for the year, I wonder if I’m too late though. Happy new year guys, let it be a great year in music and blogging for you!

    • Olga says:

      Yeah, I was also glad to have Placebo back and especially with such cool tunes!
      Thanks! Glad you liked the list 🙂 Anyway, I’m sure it’s never too late to remember fantastic music from the year before 🙂
      Have a great year in blogging!

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