Independent outlook /// Mallory Knox ‘Signals’ [Album] 2013

Mallory KnoxMallory Knox have quickly risen from just a promising band to one of the best and prominent up-and-coming acts in the UK to follow. Even despite being a relatively new collective (formed in 2009), Mallory Knox have a very mature vision of directions they should follow in music and, above all, very well-shaped, distinctive sound. MK’s 2011 EP ‘Pilot’ has stirred quite a buzz on the UK scene and it’s highly likely that the band’s debut ‘Signals’ will do exactly the same. On ‘Signals’ Mallory Knox continue to do what they started on ‘Pilot’: astonishing listeners with a uniquely and individually twisted rock music which clicks with listeners with a distinct Mallory Knox seal. However, this time they do it three times as massively, so you’d better get ready.

The backbone of ‘Signals’ is made of blistering anthems – infectious, bursting with soaring passion and deeply felt emotions, laden with infusing guitars and flexible rhythm section. The unrestrained opener ‘Beggars’ – a massive statement from Mallory Knox – grabs with levels of energy that can easily light up the whole of the UK, and the tendency continues with high-rise ‘Wake Up’ providing an over-the-top melody punch. The more unpolished, powerful nature of ‘Signals’ is dominated by stunning ‘Death Rattle’ and title track ‘Signals’ without losing even a tiny bit of fervour, but acquiring a much sharper edge. Slightly softer, melodious versions of Mallory Knox Signals Cover Artrock anthems are present in smoothed ‘Lighthouse’, ‘Wolves’ and ‘Hello’. Ballads are another side to ‘Signals’  – the side performed with a lot of dexterity and feelings. ‘1949’ is a tender, soft, gentle song crafted in a calmed down way, while ‘Bury Your Head’ is a natural sender of chills down your spine led by cold, dramatic piano – the one that leaves you frozen while you’re listening to it. Intense and emotive ‘Misdemeanour’ takes a middle route between huge anthems and toned-down ballads and the record closer ‘Creeper’ boasts some fantastic instrumentation and puts an impressive final stop to the impressive album.

Instrumentation glows in the form of either a spectacular harmonious blend of guitars, bass and drums, or a moment of triumph of each instrument in its more prominent performance. Guitar work goes all the way from shimmering riffs to slashing passages; drums provide the necessary order and heartbeat and bass weaves a solid, reliable, deeply coloured lace. Sweeping melody bursts with raging fire of music; immense zeal and live fervour shine on  generously, while a sense of spontaneity breathes in life into this piece of music known as ‘Signals’. These feelings constitute a big part of the album and a lot of this emotive side can be attributed to the way Mallory Knox’s lead vocalist Mikey Chapman plays with his voice thus providing heart-felt vocals. The singer lives through each single line, each word and feels everything which can’t fail to reflect in his performance.

‘Signals’ is a brilliant showcase of Mallory Knox’s sound which belongs to this special category of music which draws you like a magnet just because it sounds so new, fresh and special, unusual if you like, that you relate to it in the fashion you relate to something out of the ordinary and thus attractive. Extremely heavy or utterly lyrical; raw one second and glossed another; heavyweight or soft; anthemic, catchy, but edgy and genuine, ‘Signals’ might take time to grow on you, but with every listen it’ll be clicking with you irreversibly. From the very beginning to the final notes ‘Signals’ is an exciting journey, which either accelerates to the maximum to give you as much adrenaline as possible, or slows down allowing you to stop for a moment and brood in solemn reflection. ‘Signals’ is only a debut, but the debut massive enough to blow away big audiences and to win Mallory Knox even more recognition which they totally deserve.

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‘Signals’ is out on 21st January via A Wolf At Your Door Records

Watch the videos for ‘Wake Up’, ‘Death Rattle’ and ‘Lighthouse’

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