Independent outlook /// WECAMEFROMWOLVES ‘Cope’ [EP] 2012

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Music is all about harmony between sounds, words, moods, melody and many other components that comprise a music piece. Only in this case it’ll find reflection in people’s souls. Perth-based WECAMEFROMWOLVES offer a very harmonious flow of rock music with incredible melodies and infectious vibes. The band’s debut EP ‘Cope’ came out in September 2012 and can easily become your next favourite record.

‘Cope’ demonstrates in full colours WECAMEFROMWOLVES’ potential and the way these lads handle melody. A five-track offering runs smoothly in a single strong burst of inspiration so that when you finally manage to breath out, ‘Cope’ starts its 100th repeat in your iPod. The opening title track ‘Cope’ swallows you up in its whirl with luminescent sound; ‘Crosses’ takes the direction melodious as well as hard-hitting while its follower ‘Blood’ is graced with fast, restless guitars and unrestrained spirit. Groovy, a bit dreamy, powerful ‘Tidals’ reminds of waves crashing down on the seaside and the meditative closer ‘For All Our Sins, We’re Golden’ puts a beautiful end to the EP.

‘Cope’ is dominated by a harmonious blend of guitars, bass and drums where you can wecamefromwolves cope art workdistinguish all the instruments and enjoy their individual voices in the rich polyphony. It sits comfortably within post-rock genre without anything fancy or forced: the band keep it straight, but inventive with fine combinations and progressions. It feels that the riffs are racing with the rhythm section in a joyful, breathless and catching manner. WECAMEFROMWOLVES put a great deal of enthusiasm into making their music only to warm this seamless mingle with great excitement, to tell their stories effusively in an arresting fashion. This EP takes off from the very beginning and doesn’t lose the heights of terrific melodies for the whole course of 25 minutes. But no matter how smoothly they run, all the songs have their edges and rough parts which make a great, striking addition to the overall sound.

‘Cope’ in itself is a shiny, pleasant listening with charged, electrified melodies. Having demonstrated their fine art of musicianship, WECAMEFROMWOLVES definitely  leave us waiting for more music to come from them.


Watch the video for ‘Cope’

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