Face to face with Mallory Knox.

Mallory Knox1Just like the fantastic 2012, the year 2013 is going on with the explosive tradition and beginning with a boom for Mallory Knox. New video for ‘Lighthouse’ and the release of the debut ‘Signals’ set for 21st January: not bad, eh? Mallory Knox’s bass player and singer Sam Douglas has shared a lot of interesting things about ‘Signals’, the past and the future of Mallory Knox. 

– There are mere days left before the release of ‘Signals’. How are you doing these busy days?

– It’s been a great way to start the year! Knowing it’s just around the corner we’ve all been very busy promoting the album whether that be through radio, tv, online or in magazines. It’s much better than sitting on your hands waiting for it all to start up. Also releasing the ‘Lighthouse’ video the day after new years kind of kicked 2013 straight into life for us, it’s all been go since!

– When you look at all the buzz surrounding your debut album, what feelings and thoughts preoccupy you at the whole noise?

– I’m excited. It’s been a long time coming for us all to get this album out there. We finished recording the album in January 2012 so it’s been a whole year sitting on this record. It’s really cool to see people excited to hear the album though. I think sitting on the album for as long as we did was 100 percent the right thing to because it gave us a lot more time to get more people to hear about us and I think now we are seeing more and more people interested in what we are doing. It’s really cool for us to see, I just hope people are going to like it as much as we do!

– What were the main sources of inspiration for ‘Signals’?

– When we set about writing, we all have to feel like it’s going somewhere. If you’re writing a song and you’re all just nodding along going yeah this is pretty cool then that usually isn’t good enough for us. We have to all really be into it, like when we are playing and everyone’s looking at eachother going this sounds so good, smiling, almost playing like it’s a live show! When all 5 of us are doing that then we know we are onto something good. What’s the point of writing music if it doesn’t make you feel anything?

– From the very beginning to the final touches, how did ‘Signals’ evolve and develop during your work at it?

– When we started we were very aware of the success ‘Pilot’ had given us, albeit small Mallory Knoxsuccess it was still the most we’ve ever had and I think we were almost frightened of straying a bit too far away from ‘Pilot’. So it started off pretty slow because we were almost trying to recreate what we had done before. Once we realized that everything we were writing wasn’t what we wanted we took on the same mentality we had as when we started writing ‘Pilot’, to just write what we would want to hear. Once we started doing that it all started to click. This record definitely hits you a little bit harder than ‘Pilot’. In general it’s just more of a Rock record. It still has the ‘Pilot’ influences but add 2 years of experience, 2 years of knowing where you want to take your band and you get ‘Signals’!

– 2012 was a pretty eventful year for Mallory Knox. What are your main and most important highlights 2012?

– I think Download festival would be high on everyones list. To play such a huge festival and to actually have a packed out tent front to back kind of blew us away. I remember being pretty chilled out about the whole thing and then 5 minutes before we were about to go on our manager Stu put his arm on my shoulder, looked me straight in the eye and said “Just treat this like any other show”. Then I was like “Shit this really isn’t any other show is it, I’m about to play Download!”. So then it hit me and then the nerves came, so yeah, cheers Stu!

– Mallory Knox at the times of ‘Pilot’ and Mallory Knox now: what are the differences?

– With ‘Pilot’ we really were a brand new band. We wrote that EP within the first 6 months of us forming. The difference is now as I said earlier we’ve spent 2 years together. 2 years touring, 2 years writing, 2 years more of knowing exactly what we wanted to write. There’s more of a direction with us now. Everything is still new to us in terms of all this radio/tv play and press but as for live performances and writing songs we are much more of a tighter unit. We learn very well, we take things on board and I think we always will! We are always going to strive to become better than we were before, it’s the only way isn’t it?

– You’re playing a hometown show on 19th January – an album release party for your album. Home shows are pretty special, aren’t they?

– We all love playing Cambridge. To be surrounded by our family and friends and play a show where it all started is obviously a show you always mark on your calendar. On top of that it’s the album release show as well so we’ve never done anything like this before! It’s going to be great, it’s our longest set we’ve ever done. It’s more than double of our usual set. I really can’t wait to get out there and play this one!

– You’re playing ‘Pilot’ for one last time during that show. How do you feel saying goodbye to performing some songs live from that EP?

Mallory Knox– It’s not like we are saying goodbye to those songs. It’s just the last time all 5 of those songs are going to be played together in one set. I don’t think we’ll be playing ‘Oceans’ & ‘Resuscitate’ for many years to come but this will be the last time all 5 are heard together in a set. I think it’s cool though, to be able to play them all in our hometown, at our album release show with 11 songs which is like the next chapter for us is really cool. Without those 5 songs building us the little platform it did we probably wouldn’t have been able to write ‘Signals’! This set really is a one time only thing!

– What is the most exciting part of life on the road for you?

– It has to be the actual show. It’s really nice meeting people afterwards saying hello, shaking hands, taking pictures but for the 30-40 minutes when you’re playing to a crowd that’s into it as much as you are you can’t beat it! On the other hand sleeping in the same room as David is the lowest point, it sounds like there’s a train coming through the wall or something with his snoring! Bless him I bring this up in every interview but the world has to know how much we don’t sleep on tour because of it!

– If you had to spend several years on a deserted island and could take only five CDs with you, which ones would you pick up?

– Wow, what a hard question. I’d take Blink 182’s untitled album for sure. Brand New ‘The Devil & God are Raging Inside Me’. Alexisonfire ‘Old Crows/Young Cardinals’. Underoath ‘Define The Great Line’. Last but not least I’d need a chill out album wouldn’t I so I’d take Ben Howard ‘Every Kingdom’. I feel bad leaving BMTH ‘There is a Hell’ off of that but that Underoath album would just beat it!

– What is your earliest music memory?

– My earliest musical memory in terms of making me listen to rock music would be hearing ‘All The Small Things’ by Blink-182 for the first time on tv! Before that I would just listen to what the radio told me to, but hearing Blink for first time literally changed my life and got me into rock music. Imagine if i’d never turned on the tv that day I’d still want to be singing in S Club 7 or something, imagine that!

– What do you like best of all about being a musician?

– I love writing. I love writing a small idea and watching it snowball into something huge. Then hearing it all come together in a recording studio, it’s a one of a kind thing! To know you’re actually creating something that people might learn the words too and sing back at you one day really is incredible.

– What are Mallory Knox’s plans for 2013?

– Everything & anything! We really want to hit 2013 hard. I’ve said before but 2012 was like us building ourselves our platform, getting ready for the next one! Now it’s here with album coming out, with the singles dropping, with tours being confirmed we really want to do.

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4 Responses to “Face to face with Mallory Knox.”
  1. Great interview – well done!

  2. eva6kora says:

    ‘What’s the point of writing music if it doesn’t make you feel anything?’ True words! Fab interview hun and I really love their music. Gonna get the album for sure! x

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