Independent outlook /// KingBathmat ‘Truth Button’ [Album] 2013

KingBathmat3The story of the music progressive metal virtuosos KingBathmat started in 2003 with the decision of John Bassett to have an outlet for his creativity. With 2013 just fresh upon its arrival, the now four-piece are releasing their already sixth album ‘Truth Button’ – an, without any exaggeration, epic, not-your-average progressive record.

Eclectic to the core ‘Truth Button’ is a symphony of rock and metal with a clear progressive and psychedelic touches and splendid instrumentation forming a sophisticated pattern of its own. However, don’t mistake sophisticated for complicated. Consisting of 6 tracks totting up in 50 minutes of time, ‘Truth Button’ is a real treat for music connoisseurs. The length of tracks (the shortest ‘Dives And Pauper’ is almost 6 minutes and the longest ‘Coming To Terms With Mortality In The Face Of Insurmountable Odds’ exceeds the 10-minute mark) gives KingBathmat a lot of room for opening the songs’ hearts and souls in their full splendour. These tracks develop in following various courses – each their own, with their twists to all the directions imaginable: slowed down, speedy, heavyweight, symphonic, but in all cases simply superb. KingBathmat seem to have a secret rulebook how to make long progressive songs sound utterly enjoyable, far from dragged down, so getting bored with a song that’s been gracing your hearing for the past 7 minutes is absolutely impossible in case of KingBathmat. Twists in songs’ courses, a lot of variety in tones, splendid instrumentation make ‘Truth Button’ this type of album which drags you in with its really magnificent atmosphere and sound. All these vary from hammerous, hard-hitting, Truth Button album art KingBathmatthreatening riffs of ‘Behind The Wall’ and ‘Abintra’ to the terrific, lyrical violin in ‘Book Of Faces’, through masterful, magical instrumentation of ‘The End Of Evolution’ to almost Viking dance motives in ‘Dives And Pauper’ and chilly piano notes in ‘Coming To Terms With Mortality In The Face Of Insurmountable Odds’. Each track has its own direction, mood and distinguished character which evaluate during the course of the track and finally appear  different from what they were at the beginning, probably in the most unexpected way. And light, shimmering vocals sound fragile, but assertive and sensitive and compliment this instrumental performance.

‘Truth Button’ is the symphony going far beyond a number of sounds, chords and riffs put together, but rather being a work of art with a lot of skills, creativity, courage, eccentricity in a way and a burning passion for making good music. KingBathmat demonstrate the art of writing prog metal tracks with soul, the ones which don’t bother you with complexity, the ones where instrumental passages dominate songs and stir a kaleidoscope of emotions and images within minds. These 6 songs will drag you down into their abyss of magical performance with meaning, as well as a great deal of talent: KingBathmat are definitely the band to be taken close notice of.

‘Truth Button’ is out on 21st January via Stereohead Records

KingBathmat official website


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