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We Are FictionHomegrown UK talents have become and are actually continuing to become the country’s music pride – the driving force that backs the belief that UK has definitely one of the best, if not the best, music to offer. The rise of Deaf Havana, Mallory Knox, Don Broco and many others in the past years has indicated a very healthy state of UK rock scene, which is still improving daily. It’s high time for you to get acquainted with a new name of the rock flock – Peterborough We Are Fiction.

An independent collective have been around since 2007 and right from their beginning have been doing things themselves: managing their businesses, shooting videos, making music and promoting it. Known for their crazy, passionate live shows, We Are Fiction have already gained a die-hard following all over the country by touring tirelessly. Performed with no excuses and no regrets mingle of melodic post-hardcore and screamo, We Are Fiction’s music has already made it to Kerrang! TV and Scuzz TV and brought the festivals like Hit The Deck to their knees with its ferocious energy. Having made a conscious decision not to get involved with labels, but be their own bosses, We Are Fiction seem to have made a right decision as all their hard work is paying off.

The year 2013 is beginning the best it possibly could for the band: We Are Fiction are gaining airplay from BBC Radio 1. For the whole week starting from 21st January their  single ‘My Dreams Are Haunted’ will be presented to the nation by the favourite Radio 1 DJs including Huw Stephens, Scott Mills and Sara Cox. With the release of a debut album down the line, the timing seems to be absolutely perfect.

We Are Fiction’s guitarist Andi Scott Shaw said: ‘’It’s great for an independent band like us to get this kind of opportunity. It really ignites my faith in genuine homegrown music becoming recognised by a massive influence like the BBC; and with bands like Mallory Knox and Deaf Havana being received so well, I can see 2013 being a huge year for UK Rock music – and we’re ecstatic to be given the chance of being part of this’’.

We Are Fiction Facebook

Watch the video for ‘My Dreams Are Haunted’


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