Independent outlook /// Your Demise ‘Cold Chillin” [EP] 2013

YOUR DEMISE 2013 PROMO by Felix DickinsonYour Demise are stepping into a new era for the band: after all the years with Visible Noise Records they are leaving the label to go independent. It’s a very important decision for any collective, but Your Demise know what they’re doing. Their first release after becoming independent ‘Cold Chillin” is an open, as well as huge-sounding EP.

The diversified approach Your Demise started at ‘The Golden Age’ is taking a new turn on ‘Cold Chillin”. These four tracks are laden with such a huge amount of fury and heaviness, that they’re perfectly capable of levelling all your surroundings with ground once these sounds start raging out of your stereo system. Orderly, well-structured and perfectly-crafted ranks of furious, monstrous riffs move at considerable speed to sweep everybody and everything off their feet. The wall-shaking guitar assault strikes hard with ongoing support from tremendous rhythm section. The musicianship of ‘Cold Chillin” is presented in the form of well-crafted, structured, tight sound laden with fury as well as mastery and experience. Uncompromising approach to making music shows Your Demise at so far the best point of their career where they’re free in doing whatever the hell they want with their music.

The hard-hitting riffs march victoriously throughout the whole EP,  but the only thing that your_demise_cold_chillinchanges slightly is the vocals. Overtaken by venomous screaming ‘Karma’ is one of the angriest tracks of the record, while ‘A Song To No-One’ is diluted with clean, very powerfully sounding choruses. ‘Nearly Home’ argues with ‘Karma’ in terms of fury and doesn’t lose the battle at all, and ‘Just Like The End’  is graced with massive, choir singalongs.

According to the musicians themselves, ‘Cold Chillin”  is the outlet for how they want their music to sound and, moreover, it’s the EP that comes straight from their hearts. Call it personal and special and you won’t be mistaken as the band share feelings and changes that have come to them with broader recognition of Your Demise and respective highs and lows as inevitable followers of this success. They fill these four songs with all the possible honesty they can afford to spill to their listeners and their tongues are sharp and venomous – a perfect match for the music soundscape of ‘Cold Chillin”. Take their hint: standing in the way of this band is slightly dangerous.

This brutal assault of four tracks comprising ‘Cold Chillin” is the new beginning for Your Demise, but judging by how it sounds, a guess can be ventured that the continuation will be likely massive.

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