Getting to know /// Coastline

coastlineWhat is your first thought when you hear the word ’emo’? Sadness, eternal melancholy wrapped up in the depression about our imperfect world. If you think that way, it’s highly likely that this stereotype is soon to be destroyed by Coastline.

Coastline belong to this breed of up-and-coming UK bands who are bold and talented and have absolutely no desire to put up with anything which is bad and depressing. Filling their tracks with swelling hooks and life-assuring melodies, these lads make the music which is set to inspire.  Their debut EP ‘Taken Under’ is an ultimate attack of a positive tsunami they fill their songs with. Vocalist/guitarist Simon Gearing says: “The overall theme on this record is an uplifting one. No matter what shit gets thrown your way, you can always make it better – you can look on the brighter side. None of these tracks are doom and gloom”. Now, that’s a great approach, isn’t it? 

‘Taken Under’ on Bandcamp


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