Independent outlook /// Horse In Transit ‘If I Were A God’ [EP] 2013

horse in transitBOOM! Horse In Transit have arrived! Technical and loud Scarborough’s band don’t do things half-heartedly, but skillfully enough for you to sit up and take notice. The quintet are aiming at making 2013 a huge year for themselves and, judging by their newest EP ‘If I Were A God’, they’re  going to absolutely blow your mind to pieces with the titanic might of their music.

The six-track ‘If I Were A God’ combines in just right proportions the amounts of hardcore, metal and anthemic rock which form a mixture similar to roaring hot lava. The levels of technical mastery present at ‘If I Were A God’ are over-the-top, skillful blows in the opinions of those who think good music of high quality doesn’t exist nowadays. Just like bullets there fly in everyone’s faces killer, speedy guitar riffs backed up by threatening rhythm section and menacing distortion, which produces an eerie touch to the sound. Hard-hitting melodies sweep everything on their way with hurricane-force powers – unstoppable, dangerous and ever-crushing. And amongst all the rage there shoot occasional tight riffs and solos just like sharp, pointed arrows, for the most dramatic effect. The trading between screaming vocals rising up to roars at some points and husky, assertively bold cleans takes different degrees and proportions, but still remains a non-ordinary pair where intonations and tones sometimesif i were a god ep artwork tell more than thousands of words can.

Horse In Transit start driving their intentions home right with the opener ‘Hollow’ driven by
heavyweight hooks working like leaden hammers. The levels of fury go all the way up in ‘Chicken Run’ and explode in the ever more terrific might in ‘Lucky Strike’. If by that time you still haven’t been set into a headbanging fit, you might as well be deaf. ‘Two’ passes quickly, but noticeably with the never-ending powers and strikes into ‘I Am’ which enchants you to ‘remember it all’. ‘If I Were A God’ is absolutely unlikely to be forgotten especially after the final chords of ‘Survival Plan’ die out  in the reverberating silence of walls still shaking in a post-attack mode.

Horse In Transit have unleashed a beast of a record which can’t fail to produce the effect of a mass destruction bomb and draw floods of attention to the band. After all, this EP is not the one to be missed.

‘If I Were A God’ is out on 28th January.

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