Band of the week /// Biffy Clyro

biffy-clyroBiffy Clyro have gone a long way to their place under the sun of British rock music. Long ago at the very dawn of their career the musician chose the way of taking their time on the way to shaping their individuality rather than serving to the tables of music listeners yet another mainstream, cloned dish. Oh how right were they in their tactics!

Simon Neil, Ben and James Johnston first got together in 1995 while still at school and it took them several years to create their own, signature sound which grew out of first imitating the musicians’ favourites bands and then developed into a Biffy Clyro trademark. With the influences raging from the legends like Metallica to local scene heroes, this trademark has indeed turned out a very curious one. The first three  releases ‘Blackened Sky’ (2002), ‘The Vertigo Of Bliss’ (2003) and ‘Infinity Land’ (2004) gradually exposed this unique sophisticated, intelligent, clever rock music – both in sound and in lyrics – to the unexpected audiences, who were a bit slow in accepting this new challenge, but were indeed giving in to their charm. And then there came ‘Puzzle’ (2007) – the record which catapulted Biffy Clyro right to the top and so deserved recognition.

So what’s their secret? Biffy Clyro are famous for their blistering instrumentation, technical guitar riffs where chord progressions do matter and go far beyond simple picking and shredding for the sake of it. It’s no wonder that a lot of musician cite this guitar-laden sound as their major influence. Interventions of sophisticated guitars demand a lot of attention and accept no frivolous attitude with lack of attention, so if you need some background music, Biffy Clyro are definitely not for this purpose. With their unusual structures, Biffy’s songs turn into magnets which draw you stronger and stronger with every new listen. Now, is it any wonder that  these musicians brought the audiences of such festivas as V Festival, Download, Reading & Leeds to their knees upon their own good will?

Over the years Biffy’s music has been evolving, but never stepping away from their roots, which proved not only at ‘Puzzle’, possessing an easier touch to it in comparison to previous records, but also at ‘Only Revolutions’ (2009). Each of Biffy Clyro’s albums is unlike its predecessor, so with the new release ‘Opposites’ be prepared to open some brand-new sides of the band you’ve never seen before.

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4 Responses to “Band of the week /// Biffy Clyro”
  1. Xandi says:

    A great band, for sure!!!!!!

  2. eva6kora says:

    Great article my dear! Can’t wait to hear the new album!!

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