Independent outlook /// Together, We Fight ‘Get A New Hero'[EP] 2012

together we fightChange is indeed the engine of progress and contemporary music scene proves it like nothing else. Bands’ line-ups change, new directions are taken and new challenges are accepted. Renewed and refreshed with a new line-up Kent-based Together, We Fight back this tendency and present a brand new EP ‘Get A New Hero’ to celebrate the new stage in their career.

The four-track offering ‘Get A New Hero’ is rather a gritty variety of pop-punk the band themselves classify their sound into, than pure pop-punk. Together, We Fight more often than not drop the ‘pop’ prefix and leave punkish sound with a few nods towards hardcore – the listen to behold indeed.  Fast and furious movement of slashing guitar riffs at certain points bumps into solid walls of their heavyweight siblings at which the first are simply forced to slow down in their wild race and become heavier and less reckless. Slashing rhythm section attributes to blistering, energetic, very tight sound, which becomes a trademark of all of these four songs. The together we fight get a new hero artworkopening title track ‘Get A New Hero’ gets an air of abruptness, while ‘I Used To Play Bill Sykes (On The West End)’ and ‘Smasher Jackson’ are pure bangers with raw feel to them with various degrees of intensity and the closing track ‘Le Chat’ draws a conclusion under all the essence of the EP with double powers cast upon listeners. ‘Get A New Hero’ offers not only a generous share of anthemic, infectious melodies, but also some thoughtful, mighty punches of extra heaviness – the curious and in a way antagonistic company. The vocal performance follows the pattern closely and lives between pop-punkish cleans and harsh screams with a raw touch. The moment when these two manners mingle in an unexpected fashion, a curious distortion appears, aiming at total chaos at the hottest moments.

Together, We Fight have created a tight, energetic EP with gritty edges to it and brisk though it is, ‘Get A New Hero’ still gives listeners a mighty bite courtesy of mischievous pop-punk with sharp teeth.

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3 Responses to “Independent outlook /// Together, We Fight ‘Get A New Hero'[EP] 2012”
  1. Xandi says:

    Like this band! 🙂


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