Band of the week /// Canterbury


In the time of gimmicks and manufactured bands, real artist have the value that of diamonds. Meet a  UK music diamond, which is still waiting to be discovered by more music lovers – Canterbury, who evokingly call their music ‘sweet rock’.

Canterbury began in 2005, but it wasn’t until 2009 when their debut album was released. The band spent those four years writing songs, rehearsing them and performing tirelessly whenever they could. As a result the 2009 debut ‘Thank You’ released for free, got over 3000 downloads in the first days and subsequently opened the band to a lot wider audiences as their fans helped Canterbury considerably in promoting the record. ‘Thank You’ returned Canterbury on the road again where more people fell under their spell. In 2012 the musicians presented their sophomore effort ‘Heavy In The Day’ only to cement their position on the UK rock scene and make a lot more people take notice of them.

The mixture Canterbury present in their sound is a crowd puller indeed as to throw together anthemic rock, post-hardcore and indie one should be very skillful at mingling indeed. Canterbury can do that and if first they astonish you by a loud rock anthem, then they can easily charm you by the most tender, stripped back offering from their catalogue. Ultimate DIY ethics the band apply to everything in their work arouse similarly ultimate respect for the band who put music and delivering their unique, individual sound above everything else. Hands down, Canterbury are the band that you can’t miss, if you like truly good music, of course.

4 Responses to “Band of the week /// Canterbury”
  1. I absolutely love this band! Saw them live and they just blew me away!

  2. eva6kora says:

    Haven’t listened to them much before but I think this is the time I’ve fallen in love! Amazing band! 🙂

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