Independent outlook /// The Shallow ‘Hope In Hell’ [EP]

The Shallow by James LindnerIf you decide to start a hardcore/metal band, be prepared to be super good at it, otherwise the chances to succeed are equal to zero.  The Shallow are super good at what they do and their debut  EP ‘Hope In Hell’ shows why.

This four-track offering gives a glimpse of what The Shallow are about as a music unit and though short it is, the impression and the idea made by these songs on listeners are very long-lasting. Swelling with shredding guitars and thunderous rhythm section, ‘Hope In Hell’ strikes mercilessly and doesn’t miss its target with varied patterns that get you away from the usual hardcore story, but offer multi-layered tracks with structured framework. The Shallow hold their listeners in intense attention with abrupt, meaningful pauses and unexpected, swift changes in song structures. ‘Twin Peaks’ opens the ball in the ultimate fashion and off it goes. Shredding guitars turn into meaningful, stand-alone picking in ‘Death Of A Thin Skinned Animal’, ‘Father’ is illuminated by a striking, melodious part and ‘Diamond Wretch’ is graced by magnificent piano. These are the vivacious strokes on the canvas of heaviness, which is executed with a great craft, even despite the fact that ‘Hope In Hell’ is only a debut.

The Shallow know how to make good hardcore music without oversupplying the scene with copycat sound and the music performed by them is made with purpose and clear visions of further directions.

‘Diamond Wretch’ Official Video

Photo credit: James Lindner.


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