On the radar /// Damn Vandals

damn vandalsIf you’ve been looking for a fresh twist in music to please your ears, you might as well be interested in checking out one of the most exciting up-and-coming bands of the UK Damn Vandals. Needless to say, that this title has been given to them for a reason more than just decent: the band make proper rock ‘n’ roll with an individual twist and a lot of guts. Their debut album ‘Done For Desire’ has received a lot of praise from the media and not only opened the talented band to the unsuspecting world, but also gained them quite a following all around the country. Add to all these energetic live shows that sweep everyone witnessing off their feet and you’ll get an image of an ideal rock band.

Damn Vandals’ upcoming single ‘Kings Of Never’, taken off the critically acclaimed debut, is released on March 18th accompanied by the b-side ‘The Revenge Of Spider Toothy’. Being as different as black and white, these two tracks make a very nice pair nevertheless, that sound really well together. ‘Kings Of Never’ is a gloomy offering running at mid pace and creating quite an atmosphere with screeching guitars that switch to sad melancholy, booming drums, viscous motives and the vocals that reflect an abyss of desperation. The track is a perfect picture of that time in people’s lives when their souls turn inside out with pain and the band let listeners feel this pain with their performance. On the contrary ‘The Revenge Of Spider Toothy’ speeds up and fills with sinister mischief from the very first chords and again you can actually sense this sinister mood in the sound of racing guitars supported by demonic rhythm section. That’s a great thing about Damn Vandals’ tunes: the instrumentation is so vivid that it paints images with guitar riffs, bass strokes and drum beats. Their instruments do a lot of talking which make perfect partnership with stunning vocals.

Producing the music of such high quality and interior, it’s no surprise at all that Damn Vandals are moving quickly to the fine place where every aspiring rock band want to find themselves and Damn Vandals are destined to arrive there earlier than many others.

2 Responses to “On the radar /// Damn Vandals”
  1. eva6kora says:

    Great review! Excellent band. Really love the vocals and there is something so unique about the sound! Very captivating music.

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