Featured song /// The Virginmarys ‘Just A Ride’

the virginmarysThe Virginmarys rock and it’s a fact that can’t be denied. Their music possesses a fantastic rock ‘n’ roll spirit, which, alongside the musicians’ immense talent, make their songs really precious. The band’s debut album ‘King Of Conflict’ has reached high places in iTunes charts and definitely shook the world of rock lovers with its level of performance and authenticity of music with passion.

‘Just A Ride’ is a a speedy track, moving fast forward and sweeping everything off on the way. Inventive guitars are masterful and breathtaking in their resemblance to roaring engines, drums beat the rhythm prominently and the overall mood of the song is as explosive as fireworks. Ally Dickaty’s signature vocals are soaring and laden with emotions of various shades of colour to allow listeners to experience all the feelings the band have put into the track. It’s as easy as a pie for ‘Just A Ride’ to get you into swinging, groovy moods of rock ‘n’ roll and pierce your heart and soul with its charismatic character. You simply won’t be able to resist it.

Watch the video for ‘Just A Ride’


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