Independent outlook /// Dread Your Last Day ‘My Heart In Your Hands’ [EP]

dread your last dayThe lads from Dread Your Last Day are the musicians with great passion and love for making music. Quoting ‘Be content with what you are, and wish not change; nor dread your last day, nor long for it’ by Marcus Aurelius in their biography, this Manchester-based band perfectly demonstrate their life philosophy as well as provide some priceless wisdom. Dread Your Last Day’s debut EP ‘My Heart In Your Hands’ is laden with passion, heart-felt lines and a lot of things to be content with.

Drawing the best traditions of melodic hardcore to the mission of impressing their listeners, Dread Your Last Day do a great job of making this debut masterful and memorable. Its heavy, mightily abrasive nature storms in your ears and takes no prisoners on the way to assaulting them with high-quality melodic hardcore. ‘Hopes’ kicks off the whirlwind with raging riffs, screaming vocals lit by rare rays of cleans and overall pushy nature of the whole track. Its follower ‘Dreams’ spends two thirds of it length being stripped back to the backbone of guitars and raging sounds attempting to break free from the background: when they finally dodread your last day ep cover art so in the final stages, the heaviness becomes absolutely unstoppable. Merciless growling and melodies grace ‘As Ashes Fall’, but amongst fury and rage divine cleans shine their bright light. The most delicious icing on the cake of this track comes at the very end in the form of the unexpected long instrumental finale passage performed with skills and creativity. ‘Crows Parliament’ makes a serious statement of intentions to cover everything within its radius with ashes of raw anger. Foggy chanting vocals sound desperate and lonely, attributing to a cold, devastating mood of the song. The closing ‘My Heart In Your Hands’ starts off with a stripped back guitar, but soon flows into its mighty channel adorned by melodious strokes in the background of brutality.

‘My Heart In Your Hands’ is a powerful debut from Dread Your Last Day. These musicians make their music mission statement and it does sound very persuasive. Indeed, the state of hardcore scene in the UK is very healthy thanks to the bands like Dread Your Last Day.

2 Responses to “Independent outlook /// Dread Your Last Day ‘My Heart In Your Hands’ [EP]”
  1. Xandi says:

    Great job, Olga ๐Ÿ˜‰

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