Independent outlook /// Biffy Clyro ‘Opposites’ [Album] 2013

biffy-clyroIt’s been three years since Biffy Clyro released their renowned album ‘Only Revolutions’. A lot happened during those years: Biffy Clyro toured tirelessly and cemented their success on the world rock scene to the point when moving them from their positions is mission impossible and, above all, unnecessary. On the other hand, together with wider success there also came hardships. Anger, alienation and misunderstandings were among the feelings the band had to face on returning home after their long absence. Biffy Clyro’s sixth album ‘Opposites’ reflects on how it feels to be in a difficult place in your life. However, it also reflects on the possibility to mend things and change things for the better. It’s all about opposites after all.

Initially ‘Opposites’ was supposed to become a double album entitled  ‘The Sand At The Core Of Our Bones’ and ‘The Land At The End Of Our Toes’ where the first part touched upon the darker side and the second – the brighter side respectively. On the final version ‘Opposites’  Biffy Clyro kept the concept (on both – deluxe double and regular single editions, but to a slightly different extent), and changed the name of the album to the one that vividly demonstrates its main concept. Desperation and hope, troubles and solutions, ups and downs – all these polars find reflection in the ‘Opposites’ and hint at the course of life: even if some adversity comes your way, it’s not going to last forever and there’s always a way out.

On the sixth album Biffy Clyro stick to their signature way of making music. Intelligent rock based on huge hooks, mighty, intricate riffs, as well as sharp edge and shining charisma: all these take this listen from the Scottish rockers to the next level of quality. Biffy Clyro never do things in a slipshod manner, but put their hearts, souls and huge imagination and creativity into making their stunning without exaggeration music. The band are also not alien to experimentations and, according to their own words, on ‘Opposites’ they’ve tried everything they wanted to and could. The usage of unusual instruments, including bagpipes, church organ and tubular bells among the few, gives a delicious flavour to the record. This flavour is especially felt on ‘Spanish Radio’ or ‘Stingin’ Belle’ where songs acquire an absolutely new twist thanks to unexpected decisions. Huge-sounding riffs of ‘Victory Over The Sun’ or ‘Black Chandelier’ fill everything with their soaring powers and dramatic intensity of ‘Skylight’ and ‘The Thaw’ won’t take long to pierce your heart. The way Biffy Clyro put uplifting songs filling you with love of life and sense of vivacious elevation next to mellow, dramatic, sad offerings makes all the senses sharper and keener, allowing to experience a whole carnival of emotions within a very short period of time. ‘Opposites’ is loaded with these emotions to the full and Biffy offer their listeners a chance to feel all of them and live through the tracks together with the band themselves. 

With the precision of genuine masters of their art, Biffy Clyro put great importance in the hands of small details biffy-clyro-opposites-arworkwhich do matter and play a very important part in the overall sound
by making songs more intricate and off the beaten track, adding some spicy delicacies which can pass unnoticed at first sight, but which eventually show up to the most attentive listeners: keeping your ears open has always been the best way to get the whole beauty of Biffy’s melodies. There are numerous moments that can take your breath away: a fancy chord, a  heartfelt line, a hush, a sudden piano emergence or a passionate riff – all these are special adornments of ‘Opposites’ and your rewards for being involved.

‘Opposites’ is the natural progression of Biffy Clyro and nothing short of a masterpiece. There’s not a single filler on it: all the tracks are in their places, so finding a special highlight here proves a very difficult task as all the tracks are highlights and stars of their own. Biffy Clyro have created a majestic piece of art and have once again provided a great inspiration for rock lovers all over the world.


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