Independent outlook /// Fights And Fires ‘We Could All Be Dead Tomorrow’ [Album] 2013

Fights and Fires Promo“If you’ve got a problem, you gotta sing”. Isn’t it the most useful thing to do when unexpected adversity comes up? Music with zeal and full of fun can kill the misery before you have any time to blink. Crash, boom, bang! Here come Fights & Fires armed with their energetic and loaded with fun sophomore record ‘We Could All Be Dead Tomorrow’.

Eleven songs of the record are like eleven bullets aimed at destroying any kind of fog ever daring to hide sunshine from you. The principle of having fun runs through the album like a mischievous racer in order to chase all the possible blues away. There’s not a single mellow, sad or, punk lords forbid, negative vibe during the course of ‘We Could All Be Dead Tomorrow’. Led by speedy, raging unpolished guitars and ferocious drumwork, this record doesn’t stand still for a moment. The tracks are not too long to get you bored and not too short to deprive you of all the listening pleasure. They flow seamlessly into each other, so the whole album We Could All Be Dead Tomorrow album artworkis the unstoppable huge bolt of reckless positivity performed with zeal and passion and ultimately thrown to you. Mingling the basics of hardcore with unpolished, honest spirit of punk, Fights & Fires add a classical, old-school feel to their sound which makes this mingle zealous and explosive to the hugest extent. The album doesn’t follow any music trends or fashions apart from those set by Fights & Fires themselves. But why follow fashions when the band have enough talent and guts of their own to open their own path in such a stormy manner, that setting the music world on fire with their very own signature sound is a matter of a few songs.

The carnival of raw-power energy with a reckless, naughty spirit – this is what ‘We Could All Be Dead Tomorrow’ about. Fights & Fires put their message straight: have fun! After all, who knows what’s gonna happen tomorrow.

‘We Could All Be Dead Tomorrow’ is out on 4th March.

Catch the band live 

05.03 Portsmouth @ Eastney Cellars

06.03 Southampton @ Talking Heads

07.03 Leicester @ Soundhouse

08.03 Basingstoke @ Sanctuary

09.03 Bridlington @ Shades


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