Featured song /// Half Hour Hotel ‘Run From Sirens’

Half Hour HotelHalf Hour Hotel‘s ‘Run From Sirens’ is the debut single from Brighton-based alternative, indie-rock collective. The track, produced by Pete Hutchings from Abbey Road itself, reflects the band’s music philosophy: atmospheric tunes with really good melody. Opening with clear and very inviting chord, ‘Run From Sirens’ soon bursts into full-bloom melody – heavy, but melodious. Intensified nature of the track is also wholeheartedly and infectious: these lines performed in soaring, powerful vocals with uplifting melody will definitely get you hooked up in no time.

Watch the video for ‘Run From Sirens’

2 Responses to “Featured song /// Half Hour Hotel ‘Run From Sirens’”
  1. val mccormack says:

    run from sirens is absoloutely brilliant. This is definitely a band to watch out for in the future.

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