Band of the week /// Stereophonics

STEREOPHONICSWelsh rockers Stereophonics boast longevity not every band can afford nowadays. What’s more, their kind of longevity is much more than simply making music for the sake of it: everything Stereophonics have been doing since their formation in 1992 has been bearing a mark of high quality. It’s not pure luck or coincidence that their debut album ‘Word Gets Around’ reached number 6 in UK charts and all its followers gained success which can be called non other than great. Stereophonics’ breathtaking live performances have turned them into welcome guests at most major festivals, where they have been performing with ultimate success: this Welsh wonder has always been a real crowd puller.

However, despite sold-out stadiums and multi-platinum status of their records, Stereophonics still keep it grounded and concentrate on their music in the first place. They belong to the breed of bands that can’t be accused of selling out as Stereophonics simply won’t allow themselves to record an album below the high bar they set for themselves long ago and have been keeping to ever since. At this point in their career Stereophonics don’t need to prove anything to anybody as their music does all the speaking and bears no doubt about it. Fiery explosions of lace-woven melodies characterised with not only creativity, but also this typically British, in the best sense of this word, precision and character create their signature sound that makes Stereophonics who they are.

Stereophonics can easily walk into broad territories of rock: soft acoustic or sexual intensity, punkish rawness or full-mode rock ‘n’ roll, gloomy thoughtfulness or cheerful wit find their places on Stereophonics’ albums with unchanged zealous charisma of performance. Poetic pieces of art performed in crisp vocals of Kelly Jones are as intoxicating as songs can possibly be: they are able to stir all kinds of human feelings imaginable in listeners’ souls if they allow to be stirred. However, remaining unmoved with Stereophonics is simply not possible.

Stereophonics’ new album ‘Graffiti On The Train’ is out 4th March

2 Responses to “Band of the week /// Stereophonics”
  1. Jonathan says:

    Absolutely beautiful

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