Track by track /// Ursa Major ‘Old Bones’ /// ‘Birth’

Ursa Major Old Bones Artwork

Today is the first episode of a track by track story about the debut album ‘Old Bones’ from Ursa Major with commentary from the band and a possibility to listen to respective tracks.

Track 1 – ‘Birth’

Serving as the opener to ‘Old Bones’, ‘Birth’ is an impressive, as well as expressive overture to the record. It gives listeners a vivid idea about what to expect from the songs which follow. Built upon steady guitar assault and fast & furious drumwork, ‘Birth’ collects its strength along the way with the first part of the track being a springboard for the second level – the one hitting harder and with triple force, with steely guitars adding sharp edge to the overall sound. A killer piece to begin a record.

Ursa Major on ‘Birth’:

Main Inspiration – We actually wrote this as an intro to our set about a year before we recorded the album. Listening to bands like Killswitch Engage and As I Lay Dying we are big fans of an intro track, almost like a taster of what’s to come.

Main Message – We just simply wanted to set the tone for the album. Throw in all the elements that are to come in a short intro section.

Connected story – It wasn’t intended to be used on the album, we wrote it as a live intro but decided to develop and record it in the studio.

Anything else? – It’s a corker.


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