Face to face with The Virginmarys.

the virginmarys 5They are pure rock ‘n’ roll, undoubtedly talented and irresistibly charismatic. Apart from that, their debut album ‘King Of Conflict’ rocks. They are The Viginmarys. The band’s frontman Ally Dickaty talks about the album, inspirations and music memories.

– Your album ‘King Of Conflict’ is out. How could you describe the record to those listeners who haven’t heard it yet?

– Intense, energetic, gritty and honest rock ‘n’ roll.

– What were the most memorable moments during the work at the record?

– We were doing 15 hour days recording live takes of each song. It kind of all merges into one. I really love it though, it’s great hearing the difference from take to take, we wanted to do as many as we possibly could to get that perfect one that would capture the passion of the live shows.

– How do songs usually evolve when you work at them? Does your intention to make a song sound in a certain way differ a lot from final results?

– I write the songs on my acoustic and take them to the band. A lot of them can sound really the virginmarys 7different by the end. Sometimes I have an idea of how it should be but mostly we just jam over them a lot and see what happens. We all know when it’s coming together, you get that great feeling when you’re playing them.

– What’s the main philosophy you put into your songs?

– I’m not too sure of my philosophy on writing. I have a bench mark from the other songs I’ve written and I always try to beat that. I listen to so much amazing stuff written by other people and I set myself the target of trying to write something as good.

– Looking back to the times when The Virginmarys started as a band, did you then
expect the band to be where it is now?

– Me and Danny were playing together for a couple of years and we knew it could be special. When we met Matt we all made the decision to go head first into it. I always knew the band could get to where we are now and beyond, we just keep on believing in ourselves and putting in the work.

– What do you like best of all about touring and playing live shows?

– The people we meet and the places we go. We have the best fans, its always so good to see them and hear their response to the shows. I love being on the road. The crew become like a family and everyone works together. It’s a special thing.

– What is your earliest music memory?

– My Dad putting the Beatles on at night for me to go to sleep to.

– Do you remember the first record you bought?

– Think it was ‘Let It Be’ by the Beatles.

– Out of contemporary British musicians, who do you consider the best and why?

the virginmarys 6– I don’t really listen to much about at the minute that excites me. I listen to UK rappers Jehst and Chester P, their lyrics and delivery are amazing.

– If you could choose any decade in time to live and be a musician in, which one would you choose and why?

– I think the 60s would have been the one, so much great new music coming out then. But we’ve got a lot to prove in this one. We want to continue writing albums that will stay with people forever.

– What are your plans for 2013?

– We’re currently on our UK tour which is going ace! Then were off to SXSW followed by a coast to coast tour of the US. We’re coming back for the UK festivals and will be doing a European tour. Also we’re looking at getting over to Japan this year.

6 Responses to “Face to face with The Virginmarys.”
  1. eva6kora says:

    Fantastic interview! Seeing the guys tomorrow!! Love them to bits and cannot wait to rock with them!

  2. Macky Paige says:

    Great interview! I love these guys and I’m loving their video for Just A Ride. Definitely worth checking out….

  3. Adeeyyeyee says:

    These guys are wonderful! Their new album is killer!

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