Track by track /// Ursa Major ‘Old Bones’ /// ‘Black Lights’

Ursa Major Old Bones Artwork

Track by track guidance through ‘Old Bones’ by Ursa Major continues with track number two ‘Black Lights’ today.

Track 2 – ‘Black Lights’

Boasting very diverse and skilfully performed instrumentation, ‘Black Lights’ is a natural progression from ‘Birth’. The interchange of screaming verses and clean choruses with nods towards anthemic nature is striking in its polarity. The major highlight of the track is the threatening, deep riff that graces the middle of the song after a rather quiet passage, playing on a contrast to make it sound even more impressive.

Ursa Major on ‘Black Lights’

Main Inspiration – This song was aimed to be short, sharp and to the point, no messing about. We wanted a song that was easy to play and fun to rock out to. This song is one of the faster paced tracks on the album and definitely one of our favourites.

Main Message – The overall message is about lack of sleep. Laying in bed tossing and turning, thinking things over and over.

Connected Story – The lyrics where actually written when our singer Elliott couldn’t sleep one night so he decided to write the first things that came out of his head on his phone. They eventually became the lyrics for this song.

Anything else? – It’s a big one for us, we love playing this track live, it really gets the blood pumping.


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