Track by track /// Ursa Major ‘Old Bones’ /// ‘The Two Hundred’

Ursa Major Old Bones Artwork

Slot number three on Ursa Major’s ‘Old Bones’ is given to a very special, big-sounding ‘The Two Hundred’.

Track 3 – ‘The Two Hundred’

Don’t get deceived by the calm beginning of this track, as in this case there comes a real storm after a period of quiet. Arranged in the conversation between abrupt vs. smooth manner, both polars are reflected by instrumental and vocal performances. While the distorted abrupt part is as hard-hitting as a heavy, metal hammer, the smooth part is powerful and melodiously uplifting. Great shot!

Ursa Major on ‘The Two Hundred’

Main Inspiration – We wanted to take a slightly more melodic route with this track. Killswitch Engage really helped us out on this one! It’s an all-killer no filler song with a shit load of melody.

Main Message – As we have been in Ursa Major for almost 3 years now people sometimes question what we do for very little money. This song was about; ‘we built this with our hands, so let us tear this fucker down’.

Connected Story – This was written whilst our guitarist Rich was at uni, we used to send mixes back and forth, and this was one of the earlier tracks to be written.

Anything else?  – This song is one of our oldest and is a great representation of the band in music and message.


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