Track by track /// Ursa Major ‘Old Bones’ /// ‘Dead Eyes’

Ursa Major Old Bones ArtworkPrepare for some in-your-face melody with track number four off ‘Old Bones’ – ‘Dead Eyes’.

Track 4 – ‘Dead Eyes’

‘Dead Eyes’ hits hard from the very beginning. It’s loaded with gritty power and anger reflected in steep, edgy melodies and vocals. Striking choruses can easily crash and destroy everything around with their might. The atmosphere of ‘Dead Eyes’ is charged with strained nerves, emotions and strings of souls on the point of breaking. It’s unstoppable and shows Ursa Major’s serious intentions as if the band want to spill over all the boiling anger in these two and a bit minutes. You’ve been warned.

Ursa Major on ‘Dead Eyes’

Main Inspiration – This was just meant to be a full on, in your face track.

Main Message – This songs about moderation and realising that you can have too much of a good thing. I’m sure you can guess what that good thing is.

Connected Story – There is a guest vocalist being featured on the track when the album is fully released. This wasn’t decided and recorded until at least 3 or 4 months after we had received the final mixes.

Anything else? – We definitely felt that we wanted a song on the album that carried some greater technical ability and after our two guitarists demoed the song, our vocalist ‘fletch’ really topped this one.


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