Track by track /// Ursa Major ‘Old Bones’ /// ‘Clipped Wings’

Ursa Major Old Bones Artwork

Majestic and vulnerable, this is ‘Clipped Wings’ – the only ballad on ‘Old Bones’.

Track 7 – ‘Clipped Wings’

‘Clipped Wings’ strikes at once with crispy and stripped back overture, leading to a similarly stripped back first part of the track, which then grows into a full-band mode easily transforming from a lonely and lost mood into an intense burst of emotions at the top of human abilities. Being the slowest track on the record, ‘Clipped Wings’ is a stunning ballad in its intensity, saturation and open vulnerability. You won’t be left unimpressed.

Ursa Major on ‘Clipped Wings’

Main Inspiration – We wanted a degree of musical dynamic to ‘Old Bones’. We felt a slower paced, acoustic driven track would help us achieve this.

Main Message – This song is much the same as the meaning to ‘Anchored’, both are very personal to me.

Connected Story – We sat on this demo for ages, didn’t do anything with it and then quickly learnt it the week before recording. A lot of parts were written in the studio, that’s the magic of it!

Anything else? – We love this track. It conveys a different side of our genre and that was high on our priority list when producing and recording this album.


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