Band of the week /// Hurts


Rising quickly from local heroes to world music sensation, Manchester duo Hurts comprising Theo Hutchcraft on vocals and Adam Anderson on synth/guitar can fully attribute their great success to their very own hard work leading to a brief arrival of Lady Luck and standing out considerably in the world of pop music. The musicians make simple, elegant music with aristocratic flavour to do all the music talking and wear suits to be taken seriously (to say nothing about looking good). Rarity? Rather so.

When Hurts rose from the ashes of Theo and Adam’s former music projects and frustration over failed, disastrous showcase, it seemed hard to imagine that soon this phenomenon would sweep through the whole world like a real hurricane at a great speed. However, Hurricane Hurts doesn’t leave ruin after itself, but only love, admiration, beauty and sensational music. Woven out of exquisite, enigmatic synthesisers and deep vocals, this sound substance is adorned with guitars, orchestral parts and instruments for a delicate and elevated air. Poetic and romantic, sometimes sad and leaning towards darker side, these tunes are irresistibly charming and appealing. Even though the musicians are proud to call themselves a pop band, it seems that Hurts’ music in reality is much more than just pop. With a distinct classical style in everything and sound not even close to manufactured pop of today, Hurts seem to fit in even where they seem absolutely out-of-place at first sight. These two gentlemen sound good not only at Glastonbury, but also at Rock Am Ring and, what’s more, sound there very harmoniously. Indeed, elegance and class are always in.

In our modern times when a lot of things are overcomplicated, difficult and irrationally harsh, Hurts follow the rule of being simple and this is exactly what makes them noticed. When beauty, romanticism and elegance are becoming rare, Hurts seem to have emerged from another century only to be hugely loved in the present one due to being sincere and bringing these qualities a lot simply lack. Indeed, have they come to make us believe that true beauty still exists amongst us?


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