Track by track /// Ursa Major ‘Old Bones’ /// ‘In Death’

Ursa Major Old Bones Artwork

Today is the final part of track by track guidance through ‘Old Bones’ by Ursa Major and we’re closing in with the final track ‘In Death’.

Track 8 – ‘In Death’

‘In Death’ explodes as the final firework of ‘Old Bones’ with triple energy and potentially sweeping vibe. The band put all their forces in this final assault and it indeed strikes heavily to put the huge exclamation mark at the end of this passionate and performed with great talent record.

Ursa Major on ‘In Death’

Main Inspiration – Although it may not sound similar, we began writing this song after listening to the timeless classic Underoath – ‘Define The Great Line’ album.

Main Message – This song is about dealing with loss and death and the questions it leaves behind.

Connected story – Our guitarist Grant really didn’t like this track to begin with, actually he strongly went against it, but its everyone’s favourite by a mile now.

Anything else? – It’s our latest video and one of the heavyweights off the album. After sitting on this track for almost 2 years, were so happy everyone can finally enjoy it.

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