Independent outlook /// Elephantis ‘State Of Mind’ [EP] 2012

Elephantis 1

It’s no secret that UK hardcore underground scene is in a very good state at the moment. With the expansion and rapid development of the genre, bands are inventing more and more interesting twists to the classical hardcore sound to stand out. Guildford melodic hardcore outfit Elephantis have chosen the way of thunderous melodies and soaring, screaming vocals – the union that clicks straight from the start and lays decent groundwork for their bright future.

Elephantis’ EP ‘State Of Mind’ is the unmistakable sign of the band’s arrival on the scene with a bang. From the Elephantis State Of Mindopening track ‘Eastern Skies’ this music mission statement from Elephantis snowballs with titanic might and doesn’t allow listeners to question their talent for a moment. ‘Leo’, featuring guest vocal performance from Richard Lardner of Odessa, is a hard-hitting, powerful hammer and while you’re still recovering from its massive blow, Elephantis put the final touches to casting the spell with ‘Stronghold’. A calm ‘Ante Meridian’ comes before a storm ‘Pale Shades’ and closer title track ‘State Of Mind’ and if by that time you’re still left unimpressed, hit the repeat button.

Hardcore from Elephantis is the hardcore with passion and emotions behind shredding guitars and merciless drums. The band don’t dissipate their talents, but perform to the point: expressively and solidly. By no means do they wish to strike you by being just loud, but rather by being loud, tight and powerful with great care, emotions and thought put into every song. Elephantis unleash their technical mastery without looking back to produce the debut EP confident and assertive enough to say their firm word on the hardcore scene. In this case you can be sure that if they make their debut so tight and powerful, Elephantis must have enough trumps in their sleeves not only to make the effect produced by ‘State Of Mind’ a long-lasting one, but also to cement it with their future releases.

Listen to ‘State Of Mind’ at Elephantis Bandcamp


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