Face to face with Boomin.

BoominTheir songs are catchy and fun, full of love for music and are irresistible for you if you love music. Even if you don’t love music, you will for sure after hearing Boomin just because their tunes produce a hell of a BOOM with heated energy. Just before the release of their single ‘Original Junkie’ in May off the record of the same name, Boomin’s singer and guitarist Adz tells about how to survive on long tours and gives an idea of how advertisements for records should look like.
– Your album ‘Original Junkie’ has been out for a while. A lot of people are digging the record. How has the buzz around it been for you? 
– It’s almost unreal, the day ‘Original Junkie’ was released was a day to remember, the three of us sat together watching ‘Original Junkie’ climb the iTunes rock chart to number 22. Definitely one of the highlights of our career. It’s amazing doing shows and seeing people you don’t know singing our songs, with more and more people wanting to become Boomin junkies. Amazing.
– If you could choose any place to advertise this record, where would you put your advertisement, what would it look like and what would be written on it?
– Haha probably on the news (WORLD EXCLUSIVE) IF YOU DON’T BUY THIS ALBUM THE WORLD WILL END!! TECHNO WILL BE VICTORIOUS, DJ’S WILL LIVE ON. FOR THE LOVE OF YOUR NATION AND MANKIND SAVE THE WORLD  With Trevor McDonald holding original junkie Smiling face with smiling eyes
– How did you like working at your new single ‘Original Junkie’ with Mark Wainwright?
– When making a record it’s always important that the producer/engineer  knows exactly what you’re trying to create and achieve and with Mark he’s almost like our fourth member. He’s an amazing talent and it’s always a pleasure to work with him.
– Being asked to perform for The Royal Air Force seems massive. How are you going to impress them with you performance?
-It’s an honour and a privilege to be playing for the RAF, We’ll do what we do every show, play it like its out last, give it everything, and hopefully they’ll have and enjoy a night to remember. And we wanna thank them for having us.
– Your touring schedule in 2013 seems rather busy so far. What’s your  secret to surviving on the road for a long time?
– On the road it can be hard but for us it’s all about keeping it fun, we are all best of friends and have a great relationship without that we wouldn’t survive out there, the main focus is the band but we always make time for us to relax and have fun.
– Boomin have performed with a lot of bands and musicians. Which performance was the craziest one and why?
– There’s too many crazy Boomin gigs to name, but probably one of the best was having Newton Faulkner perform “Send You A Postcard” (one our songs off the album) with us. We are all big fans of his and it was a pleasure to meet him and after jamming with him backstage he wanted to play our acoustic track with us. Another pinochle for us.
– Which song from your catalogue represents Boomin best of all as a band and why?
– It’s hard to decide which best represents us best, “Just A Cover Band” over the 7 years we’ve been together we’ve had a lot of stick from other bands because we liked playing covers, and this song is years of built up frustration let out haha, then there’s “Kill The DJ” LIVE MUSIC ALL THE WAY. We played a gig where the DJ and I nearly had a scrap over how passionate we are about live music. Every song off the album tells a story of situations we’ve been in so they are all represent and are precious to us. But we’ll say KILL THE DJ for the lyric LIVE MUSIC ALL THE WAY.
– What would a party organised by Boomin look like?
–  Crazy 80’s film themed night with loads and loads of red bull. And would end up looking like something out of one flew over the cuckoos nest.
– What is the best thing about being in Boomin?
– Having the opportunity to entertain fans week in week out with our music.
– What’s your life motto?
– Sleep when we’re dead.

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