Independent outlook /// Coastline ‘Taken Under’ [EP] 2013


Life is officially full of so many bad things, that they can easily turn it into miserable existence. However, it’s in your power not to succumb to this misery, but on the contrary fight it and destroy it. Kent-based Coastline are all about positive outlook on life no matter what comes your way. This is the outlook the band apply in their music. Already experienced road warriors, this winter Coastline bring to you their debut studio EP ‘Taken Under’. The words of Coastline’s vocalist/guitarist Simon Gearing sum up the essence of the EP perfectly:  ‘The overall theme on this record is an uplifting one. No matter what shit gets thrown your way, you can always make it better – you can look on the brighter side. None of these tracks are doom and gloom”.

‘Taken Under’ storms in your life just like a merry company with colourful balloons storms in a house and cheers the atmosphere up immediately. Infectious tracks on ‘Taken Under’ with vivacious air about them sound like bright explosive fireworks in the grey skies. From heartfelt opener ‘Chapters’, the EP gears up for an energised journey through soaring ‘Dance Alone’ and title track ‘Taken Under’ to slow down in tempo, but not in passion on ‘Embers’, make a final breakthrough with ‘A Thousand Things’ and tone down in the finale, beautiful ‘Riverside’.

‘Taken Under’ is performed with a feel of love of life and such a great zeal, that a massive injection of positivity is absolutely guaranteed. This zeal shines in everything – uncontrollable race of guitar riffs and whirlwind rhythm section. The songs of ‘Taken Under’ are meant to be sung along and enjoyed life to. There’s great spark in these melodies – the kind of spark that rubs off on listeners from blazing chords, riffs and clear vocals. Heartfelt performance wins over with sincere emotions and allows listeners to relate to the songs and feel them together with the musicians. With a glittering attitude, ‘Taken Under’ can easily brighten up even the gloomiest day imaginable. Confide in Coastline’s music – you won’t be disappointed.

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