Face to face with Nai Harvest.

nai harvest

Nai Harvest offer a raw, full of fun, punkish view on emo music that takes listeners away from the stereotype about sloppy songs and a lot of heartbreak and pain. Read on the interview with one half of the duo – vocalist and guitarist Ben and make sure yourself.

– Nai Harvest’s album ‘Whatever’ is all ready to be released. What’s the biggest attraction of the record that can pull music lovers to it?

– I guess if you are into emo, indie rock or punk then you’ll hopefully really like it. It’s fast and fun but also pretty slow in parts, which we haven’t done before. It’s got more of a college style, indie vibe, than our previous stuff and it’s catchy too. Easy sing-a-longs too.

– What message is hiding behind the title ‘Whatever’?

– The whole record is about how feeling bored and needing something new in your life. The title ‘Whatever’ is kind of how I felt about things when I wrote the record, and sort of the carefree attitude I had at the time. Summer was ending and the real world was kicking back in so I felt pretty ‘Whatever’ about everything.

– How was the work at the record for you from the very beginning to the final touches?

– Writing the music is dead easy for us, we just jam and see what comes out. But we have structured these songs with more of a verse/chorus layout which we never used to do, so it was a bit of a change.

– While writing music, what’s the best atmosphere for you to do it?

– We wrote most of it in Lew’s basement in a really relaxed, pressure and time free environment. We don’t work so well under time pressures!

– How do you make Nai Harvest’s live shows an unforgettable experience?

– We just have fun, we love playing, so if we look like we are having a good time everyone watching seems to get into it more. I just around a lot and Lew is a very energetic drummer, so people seem to be glued on him thrashing.

– If you could invite absolutely any person to your show, who would it be?

– Not entirely sure. Mine and Lew’s parents have never seen us so it’d be cool if they could come to a really busy crazy show and saw people sing along and crowdsurf and that.

– In case you had an opportunity to lend your music as a soundtrack to a film, what genre/film would you choose and for what reason?

– I guess a really quirky teen indie film would be cool. Sound track to Garden State or something.

– What was the best live show you’ve ever seen?

– I can’t speak on Lew’s behalf but I went to Fest in Gainesville, Florida last year and saw a load of amazing bands play outside warehouse at 2 am. That was cool.

– What are your plans for 2013?

– A UK tour at the end of March with The Sinking Feeling, UK and Euro tour with You’ll Live (USA) in June/July, and probably more touring for August and October. Trying to sort the US out with some friends over there. Also we’re gonna try write some new stuff in between.

– What’s your biggest ambition in music?

– Fuck knows, maybe to write a record that people remember? Or still be talked about when we aren’t a band anymore? I’d love to be able to get paid to be in a band and make it my job but that can compromise some of the DIY stuff. It’s a tough one!


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