Getting to know /// Turbogeist

Turbogeist 1

Weird, apocalyptic times give rise to apocalyptically coloured music. And how else are you supposed to survive in the world? Apart from that, making cliched music is simply boring and that’s what Turbogeist are certainly not. London-based quartet throw at you a bunchful of speedy, expressive riffs that wrap up abstract lyrical filling that reflects our times in a very non-ordinary manner indeed.

Deriving their music influences from punk-rock of the 70s and hardcore of the 80s, Turbogeist digest them into the sound of their own which can’t be classified into a narrow box of any music genre as this band are way beyond all sorts of labels. They’ll storm in your life roaring and explosive, absolutely relentless, spontaneously unexpected and simply loud, so you won’t even have any time to blink before you get under their darkened spell: raw energy, a lot of it mind you, interlacing between real and unreal worlds lyrically and musically and the unmistakable, euphoric sense of listening to REAL music won’t take much time to hook you up.

Turbogeist’s guitarist/vocalist Luis says: “Being a youth in the ’90s, with Brit Pop, Grunge, Hip Hop and great rock bands emerging on the radio and music television, we were spoilt for choice. Nowadays, everything seems too polished. However, if you look beyond the void of Mercury Awards and Coldplay B-sides, there are great underground scenes/bands emerging…”. One of such bands has definitely already emerged and is waiting to be discovered by you. They are Turbogeist and they are ready to make a whole lotta noise.


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