Saturday playlist /// Placebo


Sarcastic, daring, outspoken – this is how the world knows Placebo. Their songs have become the hymns of all the lost and lonely, as well as those who want to be heard. Magnetic sound  of these songs attracts and intoxicates with a great variety of soundscapes as well as their aura full of confidence and boldness. Get involved, but don’t get cut by their sharpness.

3 Responses to “Saturday playlist /// Placebo”
  1. Jamie says:

    Great band, vastly underrated. I love their sound.

    • Absolutely agree! They have what many simply lack – sound, image, charisma. But I think their being underrated has to do with the image of bad boys and being very outspoken. Not everybody likes that. It’s sad that music comes second in this case.

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