Introduce your music /// Wullae Wright

Wullae Wright

Who can introduce music better than musicians who write it? A clue: nobody. Scottish singer and songwriter Wullae Wright gives a personal insight of five tracks of his choice from his back catalogue.

‘Halo Effect’

This song – like the ‘AFTER. THE. RUSH. HOUR’S. GONE.’ album it is on, is inspired by the city I grew up in, Glasgow. It was written in 2007 and is about meeting a girl in a club and the night out surrounding it. The title is a psychological term for someone who believes someone else has no faults. The song is essentially a love song, but not your usual conventional love song. It is dark, abrupt, crude and honest. I try to paint a colourful picture of the realities of a night out – with lyrics like “Walk the dirty streets, past short skirts, nightclubs and taxi ranks” and “Streets dead and bare; Heels off, a piss by the bins”, while meeting someone under these circumstances. This song is a good summary of what my Indie/Rock album ‘AFTER. THE. RUSH. HOUR’S. GONE.’ is about. This song is also part of my album ‘Opus. 1’ (2011) as an acoustic version.

‘House of Mirrors’

Written and first recorded in 2006, this was the first dance song I had written. I was inspired to go along an Electronic/Industrial/Dance route by albums like ‘Kid A’ by Radiohead, ‘Innerpartysystem’ by Innerpartysystem, and ‘Open heart Zoo’ by Martin Grech. I created the album ‘In Cloud Cuckooland’ and ‘House of Mirrors’ is one of the lead tracks from it. Tying in with the Psychological theme running through the album, the song is about a time when I was very low and isolated, where I looked at myself and questioned mistakes I had made. I recorded the current version of the song in 2010.


This was the second last song to be recorded for my Rock/Dubstep/Electronic album ‘Anonymous’, which was inspired by Nine Inch Nails and Rage Against the Machine. The theme behind the album is the darker side of the internet and the dangers of anonymity. ‘Juxtaposition’, recorded in mid 2011, is about the online game ‘Second Life’, and those people who essentially live their lives through it. Every beat in the song was cut up, edited and painstakingly layered over one another; as were the Dubstep samples.

‘Red Bridge’

This guitar riff for ‘Red Bridge’ came from another one of my songs entitled ‘Be Lucky (You made me smile when nothing else could)’ which can be heard on my ‘Opus. 1’ album. I had begun writing ‘AFTER. THE. RUSH. HOUR’s. GONE’ and knew what sound I wanted. I took the riff for ‘Be Lucky’ and developed and changed it to the ‘AFTER. THE. RUSH. HOUR’S. GONE’ ‘Red Bridge’ version. Lyrically, the song is about a homeless person who use to live under a pedestrian bridge over the River Clyde in Glasgow. I use to work near the bridge in 2003, and crossed it everyday. The memory stuck with me and I wrote Red Bridge in 2007. I tried to make the singing melody like a hip-hop beat, hence the repetition in lyrics – “Sleeping, sleeping, in sleeping bags; under bridges, under bridges near the job I had”. When I performed the song live, I adapted the guitar riff to finger picking, and made the song more gentle than the ‘AFTER. THE. RUSH. HOUR’S. GONE’ version. People suggested I record the live version, and that was the reason I recorded ‘Opus. 1’, which is an album of purely simple Acoustic tracks as the songs would sound live.


UFO was written around 1999-2000, and was a song I practised with the band I was in at the time, ‘the Heads of State’. Lyrically it is literally about alien abduction, and those people who want to be taken away. For me it is a metaphor for escapism. The song was originally penned and haphazardly recorded on tape cassettes between 1999-2002 and was to be on an album entitled ‘Dwindling in Zenith’. The band split in 2002, and the songs were not played again. In 2010 I found the cassettes, and recorded each song to digital format. Towards the end of 2011 I was struggling to know where to go next with my music and considered stopping altogether. I thought about recording some of the old songs from the cassettes and spoke to Stuart about the idea. He told me he had been listening to the old cassette songs and thought UFO was excellent. It wasn’t a song I was considering recording, but on his advice I did. The song itself is actually very simple and I found it very easy to record. It will be on my new Acoustic/Indie/Rock album ‘The Orange Line’ due towards the end of 2013.

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