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Rayne Band shot

Rayne are one of these bands who belong to a must-see-live lot. Besides, they belong to a must-hear lot. Rayne’s euphoric rock has the influence of that of the strongest music magnet in the universe. Here Rayne introduce themselves and their music.

– What’s the story behind Rayne’s formation?
Ben: Development definitely comes with age and taking influences from the people and music around you. We have been together since school and started the band 16 years ago, not always as a three-piece I might add. Over the years we have had our differences about which way we wanted to go musically. It has only been over the last year where we all have actually said yes this is exactly what we all want to sound like. The band has never been better, we are all comfortable around each other and we have a rule that we can not get offended if any other member doesn’t like something in the writing of the songs as it’s for the good of the band and is not personnel.

– How would you describe your band to somebody who’s never heard of you?
Ben: The same way as I do every gig before we set up, we get some drunk asking us the very same question, “who do you sound like”? What we say every time would be (going off other people’s answers also) we get compared to, Muse, U2, Angels and Airwaves. These are the main three that people compare us to. There are hints of them in most songs. All three bands are amazing and huge. That’s got to be a good thing.

– You’ve taken part in various music competitions. What’s the secret of being successful at such events?
Ben: The secret is starting young, you have plenty of time to get things right by writing rubbish for a few years, developing into something great takes years, apparently sixteen šŸ™‚ LOL. We have seen and heard it all and have had plenty of time to see what’s right and what’s wrong, what people and most importantly the band love. Melodic anthems that make you tingle, that’s what we try to do with every song we write, if it doesn’t make me want to cry and be reminded me of things then I will twist Adam and Nez’s arm into thinking its rubbish. Which recently has not had to happen, we all are on the same level now.

– Which song from your catalogue represents you best of all as a band and why?
Adam: For me it would be ‘My Final Plea’. I love the melody of the vocals as they make me feel funny inside, it’s a song that really shows us as band off a little bit more. Keyboards and breakdowns are amazing I think.

Ben: My favourite song is also ‘My Final Plea’. The song is about a writer whose wife has left him. He brings this on himself by not paying her enough attention and writing from the dark instead of the heart. He has a self-destruct button and can’t seem to get himself right, he starts writing again, he writes to her his final plea as he starts to get on top of his life again, he remembers what they had and how good they were together in the beginning, he begs her to come home but it’s too late. I love everything this songs has in it, and love playing it live. It silences audiences and sometimes there is a 5 second gap before they applaud, they feel it to.

Nez: For me its ‘The Impossible Story’, everything in it is extremely catchy for me. It puts me in a good mood

– What would you like to achieve in music?
Ben: World domination, I’m kidding LOL. We would die happy if we could play just even once in front of thousands of people, like a stadium, supporting someone maybe. That’s all we want to do, I need to know what this feels like, I can only imagine and be very jealous of bands that already have. I can’t even go to watch gigs because I get to jealous and want to do it. We would like to be successful as possible, like any other band really, I wish they’d all quit so it would be easier haha.

Listen to more songs on Rayne’s Soundcloud

2 Responses to “Getting to know /// Rayne”
  1. eva6kora says:

    I love this band. Their music deserves to be heard by as many people as possible. And on the world domination – why not?! šŸ˜‰

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